when-my-best-friend-asked-my-crush-for-noods 07:21

When My Best Friend Asked My Crush For NOODS

4 days ago     2,234 Views    
my-math-teacher-liked-all-the-girls-in-class 08:22

My Math Teacher Liked All The Girls In Class

1 week ago     4,091 Views    
my-stalker-became-my-girlfriend 14:48

My Stalker Became My GIRLFRIEND

3 weeks ago     735,728 Views    
how-i-dealt-with-rude-customers 06:03

How I Dealt with Rude Customers

1 month ago     49,505 Views    
my-stalker-came-to-my-house 09:24

My Stalker Came to My House

1 month ago     4,932 Views    
the-reason-i-hated-high-school 11:49

The Reason I Hated High School

2 months ago     5,074 Views    
when-my-crush-s-boyfriend-tried-to-fight-me 11:32

When My Crush's Boyfriend Tried to FIGHT Me

2 months ago     2,656 Views    
i-used-to-get-bullied-in-school 05:21

I Used To Get Bullied In School

3 months ago     57,682 Views    
my-first-date-with-a-kpop-star-i-took-chung-ha-to-chipotle-lol 06:49

My First Date With a Kpop Star! (I Took Chung...

3 months ago     313,330 Views    
i-confronted-my-stalker 09:51

I Confronted My Stalker

3 months ago     203,441 Views    
i-found-out-my-stalkers-identity 07:07

I Found Out My Stalkers Identity

3 months ago     128,050 Views    
my-crazy-stalker-experience 06:14

My Crazy Stalker Experience

4 months ago     826 Views    
i-m-scared-of-being-alone 12:23

I'm Scared Of Being Alone

4 months ago     1,135 Views    
terrytv-hangs-out-with-chung-ha-kpop-star-interview 10:48

TerryTV Hangs Out with CHUNG-HA! (Kpop Star I...

4 months ago     1,327 Views    
when-my-best-friend-tried-to-steal-my-girlfriend 07:56

When My Best Friend Tried to STEAL My Girlfriend

4 months ago     1,966 Views    
a-message-to-kpop-fans 12:49

A Message to Kpop Fans

5 months ago     8 Views    
i-made-a-mistake 08:49

I Made A Mistake

5 months ago     2 Views    
hannah-stocking-ruins-comedy 10:04

Hannah Stocking Ruins Comedy

5 months ago     1,301 Views    
horrible-design-fails 09:19

Horrible Design Fails

5 months ago     42 Views    
ricegum-embarrasses-himself-in-asia 17:05

Ricegum Embarrasses Himself in Asia

5 months ago     7 Views    


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