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when-humans-were-prey 09:52

When Humans Were Prey

1 week ago     107,120 Views    
why-megalodon-definitely-went-extinct 11:13

Why Megalodon (Definitely) Went Extinct

4 weeks ago     94,996 Views    
when-apes-conquered-europe 08:55

When Apes Conquered Europe

1 month ago     221,604 Views    
when-sharks-swam-the-great-plains 12:41

When Sharks Swam the Great Plains

1 month ago     173,498 Views    
how-sloths-went-from-the-seas-to-the-trees 12:21

How Sloths Went From the Seas to the Trees

1 month ago     43 Views    
when-camels-roamed-north-america 10:12

When Camels Roamed North America

1 month ago     126,975 Views    
when-birds-stopped-flying 07:32

When Birds Stopped Flying

2 months ago     49,692 Views    
when-rodents-rafted-across-the-ocean 10:20

When Rodents Rafted Across the Ocean

2 months ago     49,021 Views    
the-two-people-we-re-all-related-to 09:32

The Two People We're All Related To

2 months ago     46 Views    
your-place-in-the-primate-family-tree 12:26

Your Place in the Primate Family Tree

3 months ago     48 Views    
when-giant-amphibians-reigned 10:53

When Giant Amphibians Reigned

3 months ago     61,587 Views    
can-we-get-dna-from-fossils 11:48

Can We Get DNA From Fossils?

3 months ago     41 Views    
did-raptorex-really-exist 13:32

Did Raptorex Really Exist?

3 months ago     44 Views    
when-we-first-walked 12:16

When We First Walked

4 months ago     306,374 Views    
life-sex-death-among-the-dire-wolves 09:42

Life, Sex & Death Among the Dire Wolves

4 months ago     89,126 Views    
the-rise-and-fall-of-the-bone-crushing-dogs 09:38

The Rise and Fall of the Bone-Crushing Dogs

4 months ago     159,245 Views    
how-a-supervolcano-made-the-cenozoic-s-coolest-fossils 09:39

How a Supervolcano Made the Cenozoic’s Cooles...

4 months ago     87,524 Views    
how-horses-took-over-north-america-twice 10:01

How Horses Took Over North America (Twice)

5 months ago     73,498 Views    
when-birds-had-teeth 12:22

When Birds Had Teeth

5 months ago     150,637 Views    
when-fish-wore-armor 10:19

When Fish Wore Armor

5 months ago     218,369 Views    


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