Donut Operator

please-help-destroy-my-facebook 02:09

Please help destroy my facebook

1 week ago     3,055 Views    
these-toys-trigger-attorney-badly 10:03

these toys TRIGGER attorney badly

1 week ago     1,775 Views    
brit-cops-are-using-some-nutty-methods-to-stop-moped-crime 06:07

Brit cops are using some nutty methods to sto...

1 week ago     32 Views    
intense-arkansas-shooting-breakdown 03:52

intense Arkansas shooting breakdown!

3 weeks ago     50,705 Views    
viral-police-incidents-always-lie-liar-liar-pants-on-fire-trinity 14:25

Viral police incidents always lie (liar liar,...

1 month ago     1,330 Views    
late-night-crime-talky-talk 1:25:26

Late night crime talky talk

1 month ago     6,399 Views    
the-most-elite-instructor-joins-the-most-elite-militia 06:04

the most elite instructor joins the most elit...

1 month ago     1,322 Views    
six-40-mike-mike-rounds-should-do-the-trick 10:02

six 40 mike mike rounds should do the trick

1 month ago     4 Views    
the-prison-shank-channel-pt-2 05:59

The Prison Shank Channel Pt. 2

1 month ago     984 Views    
live-leo-recap-bad-judges-and-whatnot 1:44:18

LIVE LEO Recap: bad judges and whatnot

1 month ago     7,047 Views    
come-play-bork-bork-nom-nom-bingo 1:34:20


1 month ago     10,088 Views    
why-one-cop-carries-145-rounds 04:15

why one cop carries 145 rounds

1 month ago     41,625 Views    
live-leo-recap-hi-hello-how-ya-doin 1:05:32

LIVE LEO Recap: Hi, hello, how ya doin?

2 months ago     5,804 Views    
iraqveteran8888-sixth-annual-range-day 11:12

Iraqveteran8888 Sixth Annual Range Day!

2 months ago     48 Views    
a-lil-update 06:50

a lil update

2 months ago     795 Views    
live-leo-recap-crazy-dude-booby-traps-and-shooty-shoots 1:11:07

LIVE LEO Recap: crazy dude booby traps and sh...

2 months ago     8,046 Views    
live-leo-recap-hospital-sniper-and-shooty-shoots 1:36:02

LIVE LEO Recap: hospital sniper and shooty sh...

2 months ago     13,340 Views    
police-cars-hitting-people 10:08

police cars hitting people

2 months ago     1,783 Views    
the-roof-caucasion 08:24

the roof caucasion

2 months ago     419 Views    
real-crime-news-with-a-real-news-man 11:08

real crime news with a real news man

2 months ago     7,371 Views    


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