The Patriot Hour

q-patriot-hour-live-feed-right-now-on-the-patriot-tech 01:12

Q Patriot Hour Live Feed Right Now On [The Pa...

3 days ago     29 Views    
q-gearing-up-the-stage-for-another-fake-legal-storm-in-2019 13:41

Q Gearing Up The Stage For Another Fake Legal...

3 days ago     309 Views    
q-military-tribunals-set-for-january-logical-thinking 04:15

Q Military Tribunals Set For January? [Logica...

3 days ago     50 Views    
q-live-link-down-below-video-the-patriot-tech-join-now 00:51

Q Live Link Down Below Video [The Patriot Tec...

4 days ago     190 Views    
q-jfk-and-the-qanon-connection-special-guest-share 1:01:26

Q JFK And The QAnon Connection [Special Guest...

4 days ago     272 Views    
q-the-patriot-live-join-us-down-below-is-link 00:35

Q The Patriot Live Join Us Down Below Is Link

5 days ago     57 Views    
q-military-intel-doesn-t-leak-info-huber-to-testify-in-clinton-foundation-probe 12:27

Q Military Intel Doesn't Leak Info [Huber To ...

6 days ago     50 Views    
q-odds-of-a-state-funeral-on-d5-well-played-ds-countermoves 17:02

Q Odds of A State Funeral on D5? [Well-played...

1 week ago     48,076 Views    
q-why-donald-j-trump-imagine-the-frustration-if-we-weren-t-here 02:56

Q Why Donald J Trump [Imagine The Frustration...

1 week ago     228 Views    
q-monday-the-incoming-truth-bombs-cut-you-down-listen 09:58

Q Monday & The Incoming Truth Bombs [Cut You ...

1 week ago     112 Views    
q-can-you-feel-it-coming-remixed-reloaded-only-the-light-can-save-you 06:56

Q Can You Feel It Coming [Remixed & ReLoaded]...

1 week ago     89 Views    
q-ghwb-died-usss-code-name-timber-wolf-pain-coming 24:03

Q GHWB Died USSS Code Name [Timber Wolf] Pain...

1 week ago     118 Views    
qanon-can-you-feel-it-coming-rolling-down-hill-thank-q 03:33

QAnon Can You Feel It Coming [Rolling Down Hi...

1 week ago     346 Views    
q-trump-tweets-trials-for-treason-military-tribunals-boom 13:26

Q Trump Tweets Trials For Treason [Military T...

1 week ago     97 Views    
q-a-picture-is-worth-many-sentences-locked-who-is-loaded 14:26

Q A Picture Is Worth Many Sentences [Locked &...

1 week ago     30 Views    
q-america-doesn-t-want-conflict-but-we-won-t-run-either 06:17

Q America Doesn't Want Conflict [But We Won't...

1 week ago     49 Views    
q-the-whole-9-yards-must-listen-understand-white-hat-rodgers 25:13

Q The Whole 9 Yards. Must Listen [Understand]...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
qanon-t-p-h-crisis-the-southern-border-use-logical-thinking 18:50

Qanon T.P.H Crisis @ The Southern Border [Use...

2 weeks ago     169 Views    
q-thank-you-mr-soros-extreme-panic-in-dc 21:57

Q Thank you, Mr. Soros [EXTREME PANIC] In DC

2 weeks ago     12,500 Views    
q-memes-on-standby-wwg1wga-awaken 03:21

Q Memes on Standby [WWG1WGA] Awaken

2 weeks ago     50 Views    


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