Slapped Ham

celebrities-said-to-have-sold-their-souls-to-the-devil 11:15

Celebrities Said to Have Sold Their Souls to ...

2 days ago     52,643 Views    
scary-stories-from-america-s-most-haunted-hotels-and-bars 11:03

Scary Stories from America’s Most Haunted Hot...

4 days ago     16,729 Views    
scary-videos-that-can-t-be-explained 12:07

Scary Videos That Can't Be Explained

1 week ago     26,590 Views    
cursed-movies-that-still-haunt-the-cast-and-crew 10:44

Cursed Movies That Still Haunt The Cast and Crew

1 week ago     23,003 Views    
mythical-creatures-that-have-terrified-america-for-centuries 10:25

Mythical Creatures That Have Terrified Americ...

3 weeks ago     17,918 Views    
these-scary-videos-have-people-worried 10:35

These Scary Videos Have People Worried

3 weeks ago     35,774 Views    
real-time-travel-photos-no-one-can-explain 10:44

Real Time Travel Photos No One Can Explain

1 month ago     328,182 Views    
scary-things-alexa-siri-say-are-cause-for-concern 12:57

Scary Things Alexa & Siri Say Are Cause For C...

1 month ago     54,494 Views    
these-scary-photos-cannot-be-explained 11:01

These Scary Photos Cannot be Explained

1 month ago     102,799 Views    
scary-footage-caught-by-ring-doorbell-security-cameras 11:22

Scary Footage Caught by Ring Doorbell Securit...

1 month ago     512,992 Views    
the-eerie-history-of-ghost-photos 11:30

The Eerie History of Ghost Photos

1 month ago     49 Views    
these-real-photos-have-very-disturbing-backstories 12:14

These Real Photos Have Very Disturbing Backst...

1 month ago     453 Views    
mythical-creatures-that-have-terrified-europe-for-centuries 10:36

Mythical Creatures That Have Terrified Europe...

1 month ago     408 Views    
real-examples-of-the-mandela-effect-that-can-t-be-explained 11:20

Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can’...

1 month ago     331 Views    
these-unexplained-videos-are-freaking-skeptics-out 12:43

These Unexplained Videos Are Freaking Skeptic...

1 month ago     545 Views    
mysterious-shapeshifters-caught-changing-on-camera 11:10

Mysterious Shapeshifters Caught Changing on C...

1 month ago     331 Views    
evil-books-that-are-too-cursed-to-read 11:34

Evil Books That Are Too Cursed to Read

1 month ago     1,975,824 Views    
real-dinosaur-sightings-that-have-scientists-baffled 12:23

Real Dinosaur Sightings That Have Scientists ...

2 months ago     17,256 Views    
australia-s-scariest-urban-legends-that-may-actually-be-true 12:12

Australia's Scariest Urban Legends That May A...

2 months ago     18,200 Views    
the-scariest-halloween-costumes-of-all-time 10:38

The Scariest Halloween Costumes of All Time

2 months ago     273 Views    


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