Rachelle Swannie

i-m-not-doing-it-anymore-if-you-were-wondering 13:03

I'm Not Doing It Anymore! (if you were wonder...

2 weeks ago     27,507 Views    
i-hope-you-guys-understand 12:26

I hope you guys understand...

2 weeks ago     41,387 Views    
we-might-need-to-switch-to-formula-bottles 14:02

We Might Need To Switch To Formula Bottles :(

3 weeks ago     18,450 Views    
unexpected-news-from-our-fertility-clinic 11:18

Unexpected News From Our Fertility Clinic

1 month ago     82,746 Views    
horrible-tummy-time-experience 12:21

Horrible Tummy Time Experience!

1 month ago     16,056 Views    
almost-missing-our-flight-home 11:19

Almost Missing Our Flight Home!

1 month ago     34,284 Views    
dealing-with-separation-anxiety 15:32

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

1 month ago     18,857 Views    
getting-pregnant-naturally-or-with-ivf-again 13:45

Getting Pregnant Naturally or WITH IVF AGAIN

2 months ago     29,778 Views    
trying-the-baby-neck-float 11:11

Trying The Baby Neck Float?!

2 months ago     24,715 Views    
we-re-flying-across-the-country-to-visit 11:21

We're Flying Across The Country To Visit...

2 months ago     25,105 Views    
baby-s-first-halloween-our-matching-family-costumes 11:45

Baby's First Halloween! Our Matching Family C...

2 months ago     26,768 Views    
i-got-a-tattoo-and-didn-t-tell-my-husband 13:52

I Got A Tattoo and Didn't Tell My Husband!

2 months ago     26,494 Views    
baby-s-first-flight-booked-across-the-country-trip 12:16

BABY'S FIRST FLIGHT BOOKED! (across the count...

2 months ago     42,293 Views    
she-doesn-t-want-to-breastfeed 11:38

She Doesn't Want To Breastfeed :(

2 months ago     252 Views    
this-was-a-huge-waste-of-money 12:07

This Was A Huge Waste Of Money

3 months ago     33,901 Views    
we-can-finally-tell-you 12:17

We Can Finally Tell You!!!

3 months ago     52,891 Views    
her-doctor-says-she-needs-help 12:24

Her Doctor Says She Needs Help..

3 months ago     60,450 Views    
we-finally-decorated-the-house-for-fall 17:12

We Finally Decorated The House For Fall!!!

3 months ago     34,109 Views    
first-house-project-reveal-before-and-after 14:14

First House Project Reveal! (Before and After)

3 months ago     25,582 Views    
i-m-not-wearing-my-wedding-ring-anymore 11:00

I'm Not Wearing My Wedding Ring Anymore

3 months ago     44,955 Views    


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