MJ Sailing

a-mid-atlantic-birthday-surprise-for-my-sweetheart-mj-sailing-ep-78 22:54

A Mid-Atlantic Birthday Surprise For My Sweet...

2 months ago     71 Views    
part-ii-of-our-dodger-canvas-build-mj-sailing-ep-73 30:00

Part II of Our Dodger Canvas Build (MJ Sailin...

3 months ago     116 Views    
it-s-always-a-beat-to-windward-antigua-sail-week-part-ii-mj-sailing-ep-72 21:29

It's Always a Beat to Windward - Antigua Sail...

4 months ago     19 Views    
always-a-beat-to-windward-antigua-sail-week-part-ii-mj-sailing-ep-72 21:29

Always a Beat to Windward - Antigua Sail Week...

4 months ago     50 Views    
this-is-what-you-came-for-antigua-sail-week-part-i-mj-sailing-ep-71 23:22

This is What You Came For : Antigua Sail Week...

4 months ago     81 Views    
i-get-by-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends-mj-sailing-ep-70 18:24

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends (...

4 months ago     93 Views    
where-the-elite-come-to-play-mj-sailing-ep-60 16:57

Where the Elite Come to Play (MJ Sailing - EP...

7 months ago     50 Views    
navigating-the-devil-s-backbone-without-a-pilot-mj-sailing-ep-59 15:59

Navigating the DEVIL'S BACKBONE ... Without A...

7 months ago     94 Views    
finding-our-sister-ship-2-of-only-6-in-the-world-mj-sailing-ep-54 16:22

Finding Our Sister Ship; 2 of Only 6 IN THE W...

9 months ago     74 Views    
back-in-the-u-s-of-a-mj-sailing-ep-52 18:30

Back in the U.S. of A. (MJ Sailing - EP 52)

10 months ago     78 Views    
the-best-cockpit-seats-in-our-opinion-mj-sailing-ep-50 15:45

The Best Cockpit Seats - In Our Opinion (MJ ...

11 months ago     13 Views    
i-made-an-oopsie-while-underway-mj-sailing-ep-49 17:18

I Made an Oopsie While Underway (MJ Sailing -...

11 months ago     49 Views    
strong-winds-and-a-sail-to-tahiti-beach-mj-sailing-ep-48 19:41

Strong Winds and a Sail to Tahiti Beach (MJ S...

11 months ago     50 Views    
the-wreck-of-sv-ellipsis-at-elbow-cay-mj-sailing-ep-45 16:07

The Wreck of sv Ellipsis at Elbow Cay (MJ Sai...

1 year ago     152 Views    
whale-cay-cut-the-cold-front-mj-sailing-ep-44 22:23

Whale Cay Cut & The Cold Front (MJ Sailing - ...

1 year ago     48 Views    
hanging-around-the-abacos-mj-sailing-ep-43 18:23

Hanging Around the Abacos (MJ Sailing - EP 43)

1 year ago     50 Views    
crystal-clear-bahamian-waters-mj-sailing-ep-42 17:31

CRYSTAL CLEAR Bahamian Waters (MJ Sailing - E...

1 year ago     50 Views    
a-tour-of-the-boat-graveyard-mj-sailing-ep-39 15:51

A Tour Of The Boat Graveyard (MJ Sailing - EP...

1 year ago     42,572 Views    
everybody-poops-an-update-on-our-composting-head-mj-sailing-ep-35 19:58

Everybody Poops - An Update on Our Composting...

1 year ago     9,708 Views    


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