Nick Eh 30

when-the-door-doesn-t-load-in-so-you-can-t-even-open-it 14:00

When the door doesn't load in so you can't ev...

1 day ago     434,438 Views    
this-is-why-streamer-mode-stays-on 12:18

This is why Streamer Mode stays on...

4 days ago     163,311 Views    
my-chat-told-me-to-get-a-20-kill-game-so-i-did-kind-of 16:02

My chat told me to get a 20 kill game so I di...

1 week ago     248,544 Views    
100-stream-snipers-doing-the-default-dance 12:13

100 Stream Snipers doing the Default Dance...

1 week ago     272,710 Views    
i-finally-played-with-someone-who-donated-but-it-s-not-what-you-think 11:51

I finally played with someone who donated...B...

3 weeks ago     202,451 Views    
when-you-think-hiding-in-a-bathroom-is-a-great-idea 10:24

When you think hiding in a bathroom is a GREA...

1 month ago     208,996 Views    
if-you-see-this-skin-in-tilted-towers-that-s-me-run 13:22

If you see this skin in Tilted Towers, that's...

1 month ago     390,857 Views    
trying-to-protect-an-8-year-old-kid-from-stream-snipers-random-duos 15:07

Trying to Protect an 8 Year Old Kid from Stre...

1 month ago     300,048 Views    
nick-eh-30-new-sword-op 11:07

Nick Eh 30 + NEW Sword = OP

1 month ago     698,709 Views    
my-2100th-win-on-fortnite-was-an-epic-pro-scrim-match 14:21

My 2100th Win on Fortnite was an EPIC Pro Scr...

1 month ago     384,122 Views    
yeah-i-didn-t-think-i-d-hit-this-mid-air-headshot-either 10:02

Yeah...I didn't think I'd hit this mid-air he...

1 month ago     334,053 Views    
my-first-solo-scrim-win-on-fortnite 12:57

My FIRST Solo Scrim WIN on Fortnite!

1 month ago     176,290 Views    
random-duos-with-a-kid-but-he-s-basically-a-pro 16:34

Random Duos with a kid...but he's basically a...

2 months ago     125,651 Views    
0-materials-0-chance-of-winning-but-i-didn-t-give-up 15:55

0 Materials...0 Chance of Winning...BUT I did...

2 months ago     206,549 Views    
when-the-teamwork-is-on-point-duos-with-ninja 11:40

When the teamwork is on point! (Duos with Ninja)

2 months ago     102,660 Views    
when-you-think-it-ll-be-a-low-kill-game-and-then-you-get-20-kills 12:31

When you think it'll be a low-kill game...and...

2 months ago     158,178 Views    
would-you-believe-we-got-40-eliminations-in-one-match 14:11

Would you believe we got 40 eliminations in o...

2 months ago     202,435 Views    
your-day-is-going-great-and-then-this-happens 08:02

Your day is going GREAT...and then THIS happens!

2 months ago     190,352 Views    
i-ve-never-met-someone-as-happy-as-this-10-year-old-kid-in-fortnite 16:10

I've never met someone as happy as this 10 ye...

2 months ago     5 Views    
what-if-i-told-you-i-guessed-exactly-what-was-in-this-chest 15:08

What if I told you I guessed exactly what was...

3 months ago     10,955 Views    


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