husky-obedience-test-will-they-steal-the-baby-food 05:20

HUSKY OBEDIENCE TEST!! (Will They Steal the B...

2 days ago     38,407 Views    
my-husky-crying-pining-because-my-other-husky-has-gone 03:19

My Husky Crying & Pining because my other Hus...

4 days ago     47,891 Views    
nothing-will-make-you-smile-more-than-this 03:08

Nothing will make you smile more than this.

6 days ago     64,103 Views    
hugging-my-dogs-for-too-long-with-funny-commentary 03:56

Hugging my dogs for too long...[WITH FUNNY CO...

1 week ago     62,454 Views    
burglar-prank-on-my-huskies-best-reaction-ever 03:16

Burglar PRANK on my Huskies! [BEST REACTION E...

1 month ago     532,874 Views    
the-most-patient-husky-ever-with-my-baby 02:05

The Most Patient Husky EVER with my Baby!

1 month ago     112,496 Views    
i-think-my-siberian-husky-is-more-of-a-baby-than-my-baby 02:21

I think my Siberian Husky is more of a Baby t...

1 month ago     42,949 Views    
one-year-older-one-year-cuter 01:09

One Year Older. One Year CUTER

1 month ago     75,397 Views    
my-baby-dog-didn-t-want-to-wake-up 03:07

My Baby & Dog didn’t want to wake up!!

2 months ago     117,330 Views    
why-i-wake-up-very-happy 03:04

Why I Wake Up VERY Happy!!

2 months ago     61,388 Views    
my-husky-thinks-she-is-my-babies-mum 12:26

My Husky thinks she is my babies Mum!!

2 months ago     366,581 Views    
this-is-what-happens-when-i-ignore-my-siberian-husky 04:30

This Is What Happens When I Ignore My Siberia...

2 months ago     333,636 Views    
the-funny-differences-between-male-and-female-huskies 06:27

The Funny Differences Between Male and Female...

3 months ago     63,840 Views    
who-knew-it-would-end-like-this 12:02

Who knew it would end like this!!??

3 months ago     307,023 Views    
this-is-how-i-m-certain-some-husky-dogs-love-to-cuddle 04:01

This is how I’m certain some husky dogs love ...

4 months ago     541,427 Views    
don-t-ignore-siberian-husky-dogs-they-give-dangerous-hugs 03:12

Don’t ignore Siberian husky dogs. They give d...

5 months ago     297,950 Views    
i-think-my-husky-is-more-of-a-baby-than-my-baby 01:32

I think my husky is more of a baby than my baby!

5 months ago     48,780 Views    
my-baby-and-husky-been-best-friends-since-day-one 09:05

My baby and husky been best friends since day...

5 months ago     66 Views    
it-s-impossible-to-ignore-millie-the-husky-all-she-wants-is-love 02:34

It’s impossible to ignore Millie the husky! A...

6 months ago     30,310 Views    
millie-the-husky-dog-gets-frustrated-when-i-don-t-stroke-or-pay-her-attention 01:55

Millie the husky dog gets frustrated when I d...

6 months ago     95,423 Views    


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