heartbreaking-there-is-clearly-a-ninja-turtle-under-the-white-sheet-at-this-murder-scene 00:25

Heartbreaking: There Is Clearly A Ninja Turtl...

2 months ago     111 Views    
the-peel-father-becomes-child-by-lydia-thomas 01:41

The Peel: "Father Becomes Child" By Lydia Thomas

2 months ago     18 Views    
the-task-force-in-charge-of-making-sure-elvis-didn-t-die-on-the-toilet-explain-what-went-wrong 04:12

The Task Force In Charge Of Making Sure Elvis...

4 months ago     92 Views    
sad-man-trapped-in-burning-house-accidentally-calls-for-barbershop-quartet-instead-of-firefighters 00:29

Sad: Man Trapped In Burning House Accidentall...

4 months ago     50 Views    
heartbreaking-butchers-tell-stories-about-the-time-their-salami-rolled-away 03:23

Heartbreaking: Butchers Tell Stories About Th...

4 months ago     100 Views    
the-peel-i-ate-a-burger-off-the-ground-by-lydia-thomas 01:40

The Peel: "I Ate A Burger Off The Ground" By ...

4 months ago     70 Views    
this-silicon-valley-start-up-will-put-your-picture-on-a-roomba-after-you-die 00:51

This Silicon Valley Start-Up Will Put Your Pi...

4 months ago     50 Views    
share-this-video-with-your-local-fire-department-to-let-them-know-that-the-library-is-on-fire 00:58

Share This Video With Your Local Fire Departm...

5 months ago     55 Views    
the-peel-the-bully-by-marcus-lowell 00:43

The Peel: "The Bully" By Marcus Lowell

5 months ago     114 Views    
share-this-video-to-ky-jelly-s-facebook-wall-to-let-them-know-you-re-dry-as-a-bone-and-loving-it 01:32

Share This Video To KY Jelly’s Facebook Wall ...

5 months ago     20 Views    
so-sad-man-s-daughter-s-head-gets-smaller-every-time-he-lies-about-the-plot-of-breaking-bad 01:21

So Sad: Man’s Daughter’s Head Gets Smaller Ev...

5 months ago     49 Views    
the-peel-i-run-to-chili-s-by-camille-davis 01:34

The Peel: "I Run To Chili's" By Camille Davis

5 months ago     106 Views    
fact-check-paleontologists-break-down-all-the-ways-jurassic-park-gets-newman-wrong 03:06

Fact Check: Paleontologists Break Down All Th...

5 months ago     125 Views    
getting-what-she-came-for-woman-leaves-japanese-class-as-soon-as-she-learns-the-word-for-beach-ball 00:43

Getting What She Came For: Woman Leaves Japan...

5 months ago     50 Views    
beautiful-palestinian-and-israeli-share-a-thought-bubble-of-a-teacup-pig-in-a-batman-costume 00:17

Beautiful: Palestinian And Israeli Share A Th...

5 months ago     172 Views    
ex-poachers-talk-about-how-solving-a-crime-with-a-rhino-made-them-reconsider-their-job 03:19

Ex-Poachers Talk About How Solving A Crime Wi...

5 months ago     116 Views    
this-will-change-the-way-you-watch-titanic 03:01

This Will Change The Way You Watch ‘Titanic’

6 months ago     134 Views    
sad-kidnapper-is-forced-to-destroy-his-autographed-jordan-poster-to-get-a-d-for-his-ransom-note 01:03

Sad: Kidnapper Is Forced To Destroy His Autog...

6 months ago     50 Views    
wunderbar-ein-vampir-hlt-die-tr-im-bro 01:03

Wunderbar! Ein Vampir Hält Die Tür Im Büro

6 months ago     50 Views    
these-people-reminisce-about-the-first-time-they-understood-the-joke-of-bart-simpson-rude 03:14

These People Reminisce About The First Time T...

6 months ago     135 Views    


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