The Roundtable

peridot-lapis-gem-reformations-explained-battle-of-heart-and-mind-theory 08:20

Peridot & Lapis GEM REFORMATIONS Explained - ...

1 day ago     106,120 Views    
white-diamond-unlocks-pink-diamond-s-memories-battle-of-heart-and-mind-theory 08:19

White Diamond Unlocks Pink Diamond's Memories...

2 days ago     142,752 Views    
battle-of-heart-and-mind-deeper-meaning-steven-universe-diamond-days 13:08

Battle of Heart and Mind DEEPER MEANING! Stev...

5 days ago     125,781 Views    
how-will-bismuth-get-to-homeworld-battle-of-heart-and-mind-theory 11:33

How Will Bismuth Get to Homeworld?! Battle of...

1 week ago     117,217 Views    
new-steven-universe-intro-for-season-6-diamond-days-theory 05:27

NEW Steven Universe INTRO For Season 6? Diamo...

1 week ago     193,913 Views    
escapism-breakdown-easter-eggs-foreshadowing-explained-diamond-days 10:39

Escapism BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & FORESHADOWI...

1 week ago     94,993 Views    
a-diamond-gets-shattered-steven-universe-battle-of-heart-and-mind-theory 06:03

A Diamond Gets SHATTERED?! Steven Universe Ba...

2 weeks ago     57,815 Views    
together-alone-breakdown-easter-eggs-pink-pearl-explained-diamond-days 13:13

Together Alone BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & PINK ...

2 weeks ago     131,066 Views    
garnet-poofed-at-homeworld-s-ball-together-alone-diamond-days-theory 08:01

Garnet Poofed At Homeworld's Ball?! "Together...

2 weeks ago     89,994 Views    
gem-harvesting-revealed-homeworld-s-living-architecture-diamonds-days-theory 06:58


3 weeks ago     122,473 Views    
steven-universe-familiar-breakdown-secrets-easter-eggs-details-you-missed 13:21

Steven Universe Familiar BREAKDOWN! Secrets, ...

3 weeks ago     102,794 Views    
pink-diamond-s-ball-for-earth-together-alone-promo-breakdown-diamond-days 05:15

Pink Diamond's Ball For Earth! "Together Alon...

3 weeks ago     113,754 Views    
pebble-gems-created-the-diamonds-the-first-gems-steven-universe-diamond-days-theory 08:11


4 weeks ago     105,802 Views    
yellow-diamond-s-extraction-chamber-familiar-promo-breakdown-diamond-days 07:30

Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber! "Familia...

1 month ago     122,466 Views    
yellow-pearl-blue-pearl-know-the-truth-steven-universe-diamond-days-theory-crystal-clear 08:12

Yellow Pearl & Blue Pearl Know the TRUTH! [St...

1 month ago     102,827 Views    
steven-talks-to-rose-quartz-pink-diamond-steven-universe-diamond-days-theory-crystal-clear 06:34

Steven Talks to Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond?! [S...

1 month ago     142,249 Views    
ant-man-is-in-the-future-fake-trailer-scenes-avengers-endgame-theory 06:31

Ant-Man Is In The FUTURE! (FAKE Trailer Scene...

1 month ago     517 Views    
avengers-endgame-trailer-breakdown-review-the-beginning-of-the-end 39:50

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Breakdown & Review!...

1 month ago     62 Views    
what-are-the-5-songs-in-diamond-days-steven-universe-theory-crystal-clear 08:39

What Are The 5 Songs in Diamond Days? [Steven...

1 month ago     50 Views    
diamond-days-promo-2-breakdown-new-gems-white-pearl-more 11:09

DIAMOND DAYS Promo #2 Breakdown! (NEW GEMS, W...

1 month ago     216,204 Views    


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