PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

how-animals-killed-for-clothing-are-like-you-only-different 04:22

How Animals Killed for Clothing Are Like You,...

4 days ago     710 Views    
2018-gave-a-new-start-to-these-rescued-animals 01:39

2018 Gave a New Start to These Rescued Animals

3 weeks ago     2,306 Views    
goats-found-neglected-abused-in-heifer-international-s-service-area 01:18

Goats Found Neglected, Abused in Heifer Inter...

4 weeks ago     6,414 Views    
lobsters-are-dismembered-alive 02:06

Lobsters Are Dismembered Alive

4 weeks ago     9,320 Views    
panic-terror-and-near-drowning-the-forced-swim-test 01:53

Panic, Terror, and Near Drowning: The Forced ...

1 month ago     9,648 Views    
how-peta-helps-freezing-dogs-survive-the-long-harsh-winter 02:12

How PETA Helps Freezing Dogs Survive the Long...

1 month ago     5,572 Views    
draw-my-life-coyote-edition 04:06

Draw My Life: Coyote Edition

1 month ago     28,025 Views    
mark-rylance-wherever-you-see-bears-performing-they-re-suffering 02:11

Mark Rylance: 'Wherever You See Bears Perform...

1 month ago     1,525 Views    
loretta-s-story-this-is-why-experiments-on-primates-must-end 04:10

Loretta's Story: This Is Why Experiments on P...

6 months ago     21,594 Views    
another-look-inside-petsmart-inc-a-peta-eyewitness-expos 05:54

Another Look Inside PetSmart, Inc.: A PETA Ey...

9 months ago     476,745 Views    
james-cromwell-stars-in-peta-s-2018-super-bowl-ad-redemption 01:42

James Cromwell Stars in PETA's 2018 Super Bow...

11 months ago     93,677 Views    
the-only-word-this-dog-knew-was-no-see-him-now 02:18

The Only Word This Dog Knew Was 'No'—See Him ...

1 year ago     19,553 Views    
the-nightmare-is-over-for-this-dog-used-in-laboratory-experiments-see-her-now 01:43

The Nightmare Is Over for This Dog Used in La...

1 year ago     10,353 Views    
cutest-thing-you-ll-see-today-chicken-and-truck-driver-best-friends 01:41

Cutest Thing You'll See Today: Chicken and Tr...

1 year ago     26,141 Views    
raw-footage-of-a-thoroughbred-inside-a-japanese-horse-slaughterhouse 01:34

Raw Footage of a Thoroughbred Inside a Japane...

1 year ago     57,235 Views    
a-peta-expos-inside-a-sham-sanctuary 02:43

A PETA Exposé Inside a Sham Sanctuary

1 year ago     250,041 Views    
covance-undercover-investigation-in-virginia 05:04

Covance—Undercover Investigation in Virginia

1 year ago     63,870 Views    
canadian-seal-slaughter-footage-is-so-graphic-we-had-to-blur-it 01:01

Canadian Seal Slaughter Footage Is So Graphic...

1 year ago     33,602 Views    
anjelica-huston-leave-great-apes-out-of-show-business 04:27

Anjelica Huston: Leave Great Apes Out of Show...

1 year ago     1,963 Views    
tofucken-2-uncensored 01:31

Tofucken 2: UNCENSORED

1 year ago     107,580 Views    


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