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every-night-this-cat-brings-home-the-stuffed-animals-that-don-t-belong-to-him 01:51

Every night, This Cat Brings Home The Stuffed...

3 days ago     50 Views    
adorable-cats-who-are-amazed-about-christmas-trees 03:07

Adorable Cats Who Are Amazed About Christmas ...

4 days ago     75 Views    
a-curious-cat-discovers-fake-raven-hilariously-begins-to-question-the-meaning-of-life 01:26

A Curious Cat Discovers Fake Raven, Hilarious...

5 days ago     68 Views    
chihuahua-protects-kitten-between-2-porta-potties-refuses-to-leave-her-side 01:59

Chihuahua Protects Kitten Between 2 Porta Pot...

6 days ago     50 Views    
meet-mostik-the-cat-supervising-the-construction-of-russia-s-crimean-bridge 02:06

Meet Mostik, the Cat Supervising the Construc...

1 week ago     30,364 Views    
a-cat-wandered-into-a-bar-one-night-and-what-happens-next 02:08

A Cat Wandered into A Bar One Night And What ...

1 week ago     107,610 Views    
10-cat-proverbs-to-prove-that-cats-have-invaded-every-culture 01:32

10 Cat Proverbs To Prove That Cats Have Invad...

1 week ago     45 Views    
stray-cat-with-spock-paw-shows-up-at-door-and-earned-himself-a-home 02:01

Stray Cat With "Spock" Paw Shows Up At Door a...

1 week ago     48 Views    
sweet-dog-refuses-to-leave-his-favorite-teddy-bear-during-wash-time 02:02

Sweet Dog Refuses To Leave His Favorite Teddy...

1 week ago     76 Views    
this-cat-try-the-adorable-pose-to-make-owner-stay-home-from-work 01:40

This Cat Try The Adorable Pose To Make Owner ...

2 weeks ago     67 Views    
shelter-cat-gets-second-chance-and-spend-his-golden-years-in-a-bookstore 02:06

Shelter Cat Gets Second Chance And Spend His ...

2 weeks ago     59 Views    
this-trucker-rescue-a-cat-and-become-his-travelling-buddy 02:39

This Trucker Rescue a Cat and Become His Trav...

2 weeks ago     81 Views    
13-reasons-why-you-shouldn-t-leave-your-kids-alone-with-your-cats 01:38

13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids ...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
man-was-on-the-verge-of-bankruptcy-till-his-cat-saved-him-with-hidden-talent 02:26

Man Was On The Verge Of Bankruptcy Till His C...

2 weeks ago     62 Views    
abandoned-dog-gets-amazing-transformation-after-6-pounds-of-fur-are-removed 02:48

Abandoned Dog Gets Amazing Transformation Aft...

2 weeks ago     37 Views    
firefighter-saves-cat-from-wildfire-in-california-and-now-she-won-t-leave-him-alone 01:26

Firefighter Saves Cat From Wildfire In Califo...

3 weeks ago     103,021 Views    
11-cats-who-have-absolutely-mastered-the-art-of-the-cat-nap 01:55

11 Cats Who Have Absolutely Mastered The Art ...

3 weeks ago     28,539 Views    
a-kitten-named-pawfficer-donut-to-serve-and-purr-tec-with-michigan-police 01:41

A Kitten Named Pawfficer Donut To Serve and P...

3 weeks ago     43,860 Views    
the-massive-maine-coon-cat-making-everyday-cat-life-look-glamorous 01:35

The Massive Maine Coon cat Making Everyday Ca...

4 weeks ago     43,580 Views    
dog-abandoned-at-gas-station-finds-cutest-way-to-ask-someone-for-help 02:18

Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Finds Cutest Way...

4 weeks ago     34,742 Views    


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