Jiggin' With Jordan

exploring-hidden-paradise-for-lost-treasure-worlds-largest 12:27

Exploring Hidden Paradise for Lost TREASURE!!...

1 week ago     49 Views    
finding-lost-items-in-worlds-largest-spring-hidden-paradise 15:27

Finding Lost Items In Worlds LARGEST Spring!!...

1 week ago     1,099 Views    
ultimate-river-treasure-challenge-the-golden-item 14:35

Ultimate River Treasure CHALLENGE!! (the gold...

3 weeks ago     40,044 Views    
yamaha-gave-me-20-000-supercharged-jetskis-for-free-bluebae-is-back 14:22


3 weeks ago     36,348 Views    
treasure-hunting-expensive-resorts-on-lake-underwater 17:39

Treasure Hunting Expensive Resorts On LAKE!! ...

1 month ago     692 Views    
searching-urban-canal-for-murder-weapons-treasure 11:23

Searching Urban Canal for Murder Weapons!! (t...

1 month ago     48 Views    
rescuing-multiple-big-fish-from-dried-up-pond-rescue-mission 16:31

Rescuing Multiple Big Fish From Dried Up Pond...

2 months ago     49 Views    
spearfishing-giant-carp-to-feed-local-families-underwater 18:57

SpearFishing GIANT Carp To Feed Local Familie...

2 months ago     50 Views    
catching-monster-fish-trapped-in-tiny-pools-very-rare 15:17

Catching Monster Fish Trapped In Tiny Pools!!...

2 months ago     679 Views    
finding-river-treasure-in-the-amazon-jungle-dangerous 23:44

Finding River Treasure in the AMAZON Jungle!!...

2 months ago     1,863 Views    
chasing-down-the-ultimate-amazonian-river-monster-ep-4 17:44

Chasing Down The Ultimate Amazonian River Mon...

2 months ago     52 Views    
primal-spearfishing-for-giant-piranha-in-rapids-ep-3 15:25

Primal SpearFishing For Giant Piranha in Rapi...

2 months ago     1,548 Views    
fishing-the-amazon-jungle-for-river-monsters-ep-2 13:23

Fishing the AMAZON Jungle for River MONSTERS!...

2 months ago     852 Views    
fishing-an-untouched-beach-in-the-amazon-jungle-ep-1 21:54

Fishing an Untouched Beach in the Amazon Jung...

2 months ago     47 Views    
this-is-my-last-video-for-awhile 01:53

This is my last video for awhile...

3 months ago     35,031 Views    
found-secret-message-on-paddle-in-river-river-treasure 15:24

Found SECRET MESSAGE on Paddle In RIVER!! (ri...

3 months ago     75,575 Views    
found-working-iphone-x-underwater-river-treasure 13:37

Found Working iPhone X Underwater!!! (River T...

3 months ago     70,150 Views    
my-2018-supercharged-jetski-was-stolen-security-footage 16:47

My 2018 Supercharged JETSKI was STOLEN!! (Sec...

3 months ago     127,023 Views    
exploring-house-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean-rare-house 10:05

Exploring House in the Middle of the OCEAN!! ...

3 months ago     61,921 Views    
1million-subscriber-live-reaction-and-celebration-crazy 18:21

1MILLION Subscriber Live Reaction and Celebra...

4 months ago     2,064 Views    


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