Philip DeFranco

the-20-billion-dollar-holiday-valentine-s-day-ridiculousness-and-its-very-dark-history 08:47

THE $20 BILLION DOLLAR HOLIDAY?! Valentine’s ...

1 day ago     519,983 Views    
logan-paul-mural-controversy-problem-w-and-news-on-youtube-russia-reebok-backlash-more 14:25

Logan Paul Mural Controversy, Problem w/ $$$ ...

2 days ago     537,215 Views    
wow-shane-dawson-vs-chuck-e-cheese-esquire-white-male-backlash-el-chapo-the-new-border-deal 14:20

WOW! Shane Dawson vs Chuck E. Cheese, Esquire...

3 days ago     549,845 Views    
this-is-why-the-homeless-crisis-may-never-end-in-the-united-states 15:33

This Is Why The Homeless Crisis May Never End...

4 days ago     288,219 Views    
cardi-b-mac-miller-grammy-controversy-childish-gambino-balcony-becky-crisis-in-washington-more 15:18

Cardi B Mac Miller Grammy Controversy, Childi...

4 days ago     697,056 Views    
woah-jeff-bezos-blackmail-allegations-get-crazy-north-korea-shane-dawson-much-more 23:21

WOAH! Jeff Bezos Blackmail Allegations Get Cr...

1 week ago     927,851 Views    
what-terry-crews-not-woke-backlash-exposes-the-virginia-3-that-isn-t-very-gucci-of-you 19:56

What Terry Crews "Not Woke" Backlash Exposes,...

1 week ago     401,924 Views    
china-s-century-of-humiliation-why-the-south-china-sea-is-such-a-big-problem 09:35

China's Century of Humiliation & Why The Sout...

1 week ago     291,788 Views    
trump-sotu-fact-checks-disputes-explained-jake-paul-s-20-million-pope-francis-more 19:52

Trump SOTU Fact Checks & Disputes Explained, ...

1 week ago     612,766 Views    
the-video-fj-doesn-t-want-you-to-see-david-dobrik-trisha-paytas-controversy-ralph-northam 19:37

The Video FJ Doesn't Want You To See, David D...

1 week ago     392,862 Views    
the-invisible-now-problem-and-how-different-countries-are-fighting-it 13:26

The Invisible NOW Problem And How Different C...

1 week ago     410,705 Views    
wow-liam-neeson-revenge-controversy-21-savage-austin-jones-guilty-content-thieves-more 16:17

WOW! Liam Neeson Revenge Controversy, 21 Sava...

1 week ago     366,816 Views    
zac-efron-controversy-backlash-jablinski-games-vs-will-smith-police-roulette-disaster-more 21:18

Zac Efron Controversy & Backlash, Jablinski G...

2 weeks ago     500,557 Views    
what-the-shane-dawson-mistake-shows-us-deep-fakes-vs-lawmakers-ice-s-fake-university-more 19:13

What The Shane Dawson "Mistake" Shows Us, Dee...

2 weeks ago     540,824 Views    
wow-ariana-grande-7-rings-snafu-why-howard-schultz-infuriates-dems-the-polar-vortex-more 15:16

WOW... Ariana Grande 7 Rings Snafu, Why Howar...

2 weeks ago     754,051 Views    
youtube-conspiracy-theory-problem-is-bigger-than-shane-dawson-jussie-smollett-venezuela-more 17:47

Youtube Conspiracy Theory Problem is Bigger T...

2 weeks ago     491,165 Views    
important-update-to-the-article-13-situation-why-the-internet-still-needs-your-help 05:58

Important Update To The Article 13 Situation ...

2 weeks ago     209,277 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-james-charles-duke-s-controversy-face-tattoos-hit-new-low-more 17:00

Why People Are Freaking Out About James Charl...

2 weeks ago     655,857 Views    
dolan-twins-funeral-controversy-why-the-lausd-teacher-strike-will-ripple-through-the-us 27:12

Dolan Twins Funeral Controversy & Why The LAU...

3 weeks ago     862,650 Views    
wow-matpat-s-1-7-million-defy-media-bombshell-buzzfeed-mass-layoffs-venezuela-trump-v-pelosi 20:55

WOW! MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media Bombshe...

3 weeks ago     1,218,180 Views    


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