B is for Build

the-salvage-gtr-gets-new-coilovers-axels-suspension-and-brakes-installed 18:15

The Salvage GTR gets New Coilovers, Axels, Su...

1 day ago     154,657 Views    
got-all-the-parts-painted-up-perfectly-on-the-salvaged-gtr 21:54

Got All the Parts Painted Up Perfectly on the...

4 days ago     190,867 Views    
i-drive-tavarish-s-900hp-twin-turbo-lamborghini-gallardo 07:54

I Drive Tavarish's 900HP Twin Turbo Lamborghi...

1 week ago     57,939 Views    
z4-finale-tavarish-and-i-built-the-cheapest-z4-in-the-world 15:54

Z4 Finale - Tavarish and I Built the Cheapest...

2 weeks ago     116,244 Views    
diy-painting-the-budget-z4-build 10:05

DIY Painting The Budget Z4 Build!

2 weeks ago     97,388 Views    
fixing-all-the-body-work-on-the-triple-salvage-z4 17:37

Fixing All The Body Work On The Triple Salvag...

2 weeks ago     111,619 Views    
tavarish-and-i-save-a-salvaged-new-supra-from-the-scrap-yard 18:14

Tavarish and I Save a Salvaged New Supra From...

3 weeks ago     50,374 Views    
painting-the-gtr-replacement-body-parts 13:35

Painting the GTR Replacement Body Parts

3 weeks ago     100,129 Views    
installing-the-new-quarter-panel-on-my-salvaged-gtr 16:32

Installing the New Quarter Panel On My Salvag...

4 weeks ago     111,446 Views    
you-ve-gotta-be-kidding-me-another-quarter-panel-fail-followed-by-an-oem-win 20:56

You've gotta be kidding me.. Another QUARTER ...

1 month ago     136,924 Views    
rebuilding-the-wheel-well-trunk-on-my-salvaged-gt-r 14:37

Rebuilding the Wheel Well & Trunk on my Salva...

1 month ago     132,179 Views    
new-gtr-quarter-panel-is-here-and-it-s-not-what-you-expected 11:06

New GTR Quarter Panel Is HERE!! And it's not ...

1 month ago     233,585 Views    
replacing-the-subframe-on-my-totalled-r35-gt-r 16:37

Replacing the Subframe on my Totalled R35 GT-R

1 month ago     133,414 Views    
wtf-happened-to-my-gtr-replacement-quarter-panel 10:15

WTF Happened to my GTR Replacement Quarter Pa...

1 month ago     144,326 Views    
quarter-panel-clean-up-and-bov-testing-on-my-totalled-gt-r-sounds-amazing 16:50

Quarter Panel Clean Up and BOV Testing on my ...

1 month ago     143,623 Views    
the-ultimate-gt-r-interior-swap-heated-sparco-seats 17:42

The Ultimate GT-R Interior Swap - Heated Spar...

1 month ago     101,593 Views    
fixing-the-new-door-and-prepping-the-wide-body-kit-for-paint-on-my-budget-totalled-salvaged-gtr 13:25

Fixing the "New" Door and Prepping the Wide B...

1 month ago     131,828 Views    
parts-are-in-test-fitting-the-wide-body-kit-on-the-gtr 16:43

Parts are in!! Test Fitting the Wide Body Kit...

2 months ago     425,314 Views    
tearing-down-my-salvaged-gt-r-to-find-all-the-damage 19:35

Tearing down my Salvaged GT-R to find all the...

2 months ago     2,053 Views    
getting-into-my-totaled-salvaged-gtr-will-it-start 12:41

Getting into my Totaled Salvaged GTR - Will I...

2 months ago     124,231 Views    


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