B is for Build

getting-into-my-totaled-salvaged-gtr-will-it-start 12:41

Getting into my Totaled Salvaged GTR - Will I...

3 days ago     124,231 Views    
i-bought-a-really-totaled-nissan-gt-r-from-a-salvage-auction-i-m-going-to-rebuild-it 17:44

I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GT-R from a ...

1 week ago     281 Views    
you-re-in-over-your-head-240z-finale 14:03

You're In Over Your Head - 240z Finale

1 week ago     304 Views    
how-much-did-the-240z-cost-to-build 11:12

How Much Did The 240z Cost To Build?

1 week ago     350 Views    
first-time-driving-the-240z-fast-the-cops-weren-t-happy 10:11

First Time Driving The 240z Fast!! The Cops W...

1 week ago     78,943 Views    
last-build-day-on-the-240z-getting-ready-for-the-road 11:50

Last Build Day On The 240z! Getting Ready For...

2 weeks ago     1,257 Views    
b-is-for-baking-3-easy-thanksgiving-recipes-you-have-to-try 07:38

B is for Baking - 3 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes...

2 weeks ago     52 Views    
how-to-do-a-diy-alignment-on-the-240z 15:12

How To Do A DIY Alignment On The 240z!

2 weeks ago     89 Views    
we-fixed-the-240z-transmission-it-was-such-a-stupid-problem 16:29

We Fixed The 240Z Transmission! It Was Such A...

2 weeks ago     129,903 Views    
sticking-with-the-240z-old-seat-position-was-sketchy-let-s-fix-it 11:15

Sticking With The 240Z - Old Seat Position Wa...

3 weeks ago     51,009 Views    
here-s-everything-that-s-wrong-with-the-240z-now-you-decide-what-we-do-next 21:39

Here's Everything That's Wrong With The 240z....

3 weeks ago     27,808 Views    
we-left-our-mark-bringing-the-240z-to-sema-2018 16:44

We Left Our Mark! - Bringing The 240Z To SEMA...

1 month ago     96,202 Views    
road-tripping-the-v10-240z-to-sema 14:08

Road Tripping The V10 240z To Sema

1 month ago     93,404 Views    
we-built-the-car-everyone-said-was-impossible-last-day-of-the-240z-build-before-sema 26:57

We Built The Car Everyone Said Was Impossible...

1 month ago     2,835 Views    
240z-final-assembly-day-2-first-start-up-on-new-tune-and-bearings 17:27

240z Final Assembly Day 2 - First Start Up On...

1 month ago     574 Views    
240z-final-assembly-starts-now 14:49

240z Final Assembly Starts Now!

1 month ago     562 Views    
240z-bmw-v10-engine-final-installation-brakes-air-suspension-steering-cooling-are-all-done 19:04

240z BMW V10 Engine Final Installation, Brake...

1 month ago     46 Views    
the-wrap-has-begun-on-the-240z 17:59

The Wrap Has Begun On The 240z!

1 month ago     492 Views    
building-diy-window-louvers-for-the-240z 14:25

Building DIY Window Louvers For The 240z

1 month ago     219 Views    
finally-getting-good-paint-on-the-240z 17:35

Finally Getting Good Paint On The 240z!

1 month ago     2,310 Views    


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