Louis Rossmann

why-is-all-sys-pwrgd-missing 21:45

Why is ALL_SYS_PWRGD missing?

4 days ago     30,076 Views    
820-00281-macbook-pro-touchbar-board-is-dead-why 15:44

820-00281 Macbook Pro Touchbar board is dead:...

1 week ago     29,803 Views    
smartphone-sells-better-when-not-1000-wow 05:59

Smartphone sells better when not $1000? WOW!!

1 week ago     42,788 Views    
usb-drive-destroyed-by-customer-louis-attempts-data-recovery-anyway 17:46

USB drive DESTROYED by customer; Louis attemp...

2 weeks ago     25,105 Views    
why-does-louis-wear-gloves-when-working-on-macbooks 19:05

Why does Louis wear gloves when working on Ma...

2 weeks ago     28,221 Views    
why-is-opening-macbook-a-boobytrap 03:25

Why is opening Macbook a boobytrap?

3 weeks ago     42,905 Views    
crest-ultrasonic-cleaner-performs-miracle-on-little-macbook-air 16:25

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner performs miracle on ...

3 weeks ago     33,857 Views    
introducing-blackberry-the-kitten 06:05

Introducing BlackBerry the kitten

1 month ago     64,914 Views    
apple-repairs-are-expensive-why 26:30

Apple repairs are expensive, why?

1 month ago     47,320 Views    
why-is-macbook-air-missing-pm-slp-s4-l-again 19:49

Why is Macbook Air missing PM_SLP_S4_L again?

1 month ago     32,586 Views    
macbook-screen-dies-when-opening-lid-apple-provides-no-fix 03:29

Macbook screen DIES when opening lid: Apple p...

1 month ago     30,043 Views    
what-part-of-macbook-is-made-from-bulletproof-component-quality 14:33

What part of Macbook is made from BULLETPROOF...

1 month ago     35,151 Views    
apple-stock-price-drop 12:54

Apple stock price drop.

1 month ago     46,860 Views    
can-macbook-logic-board-burn-and-die-without-liquid 15:44

Can Macbook logic board burn and die without ...

1 month ago     31,220 Views    
touchbar-macbook-pro-repair-after-devastating-liquid-spill 18:06

Touchbar Macbook Pro repair after devastating...

1 month ago     31,920 Views    
one-nozzle-flows-two-chips-at-the-same-time-d 10:40

One nozzle flows two chips at the same time :D

1 month ago     29,921 Views    
louis-fixes-board-while-losing-mind-earns-1-star-review 13:03

Louis fixes board while losing mind, earns 1 ...

1 month ago     41,663 Views    
cat 00:33


1 month ago     21,584 Views    
can-best-buy-geeksquad-fix-macbook-air-liquid-damage 26:37

Can Best Buy GeekSquad fix Macbook Air liquid...

1 month ago     30,396 Views    
can-sweden-fix-macbook 14:46

Can Sweden fix Macbook?

1 month ago     41,161 Views    


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