Louis Rossmann

no-more-apple-boxes 03:01


1 day ago     2,088 Views    
apple-botches-macbook-board-design-again 18:27

Apple BOTCHES Macbook board design: AGAIN!

2 days ago     315 Views    
macbook-air-820-00165-taking-0-1-amps-what-does-this-mean 15:20

Macbook Air 820-00165 taking 0.1 amps - what ...

1 week ago     50 Views    
act-like-it-matters 08:51


1 week ago     98 Views    
motorola-sells-parts-to-customers-to-repair-their-phones 25:24

Motorola sells parts to customers to repair t...

1 week ago     39,247 Views    
can-jessa-jones-recover-what-drivesavers-could-not 1:05:16

Can Jessa Jones recover what DriveSavers coul...

1 week ago     2,227 Views    
should-all-macbooks-set-themselves-on-fire 19:34

Should all Macbooks set themselves on fire?

2 weeks ago     500 Views    
what-does-12-23v-on-ppbus-g3h-mean-on-a-macbook-logic-board 20:53

What does 12.23v on PPBUS_G3H mean on a Macbo...

2 weeks ago     39,488 Views    
apple-utilizes-hardware-lock-to-prevent-third-party-macbook-repair 11:07

Apple utilizes hardware lock to prevent third...

3 weeks ago     39,180 Views    
interview-w-ex-amazon-macbook-seller-john-bumstead-of-rdklinc 58:42

Interview w/ ex-Amazon Macbook seller: John B...

4 weeks ago     31,184 Views    
apple-bans-third-parties-from-selling-refurb-macbooks-on-amazon 07:00

Apple BANS third parties from selling refurb ...

4 weeks ago     74,067 Views    
fixing-an-abused-macbook 20:19

Fixing an abused Macbook.

1 month ago     24,522 Views    
customs-border-patrol-battery-seizure-q-livestream-w-leonard-french 1:47:40

Customs & Border Patrol battery seizure Q liv...

1 month ago     25,898 Views    
why-is-there-a-sponge-in-this-macbook 05:09

Why is there a sponge in this Macbook?

1 month ago     50,974 Views    
genius-bar-quotes-local-teen-for-repair 06:31

Genius bar quotes local teen for repair. :(

1 month ago     76,730 Views    
apple-customs-stole-my-batteries-that-they-won-t-even-provide-to-aasps 07:17

Apple & Customs STOLE my batteries, that they...

1 month ago     1,626 Views    
fixing-braindead-macbook-a1708 31:39

Fixing braindead Macbook A1708

1 month ago     50 Views    
another-macbook-air-saved-from-the-scrap-heap-of-the-genius-bar 15:12

Another Macbook Air saved from the scrap heap...

1 month ago     0 Views    
does-macbook-air-spontaneously-die 06:28

Does Macbook Air spontaneously die?

1 month ago     50 Views    
can-1-drop-of-liquid-destroy-a-macbook-air 14:35

Can 1 drop of liquid destroy a Macbook Air?

1 month ago     50 Views    


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