Robbie Ferreira

fixing-my-cracked-wheel-eg-hatch 11:19

Fixing My Cracked Wheel! - EG Hatch

1 day ago     16,665 Views    
swapping-my-eg-to-disc-brakes-from-an-integra 11:31

Swapping my EG to DISC BRAKES from an Integra!

6 days ago     23,123 Views    
can-t-believe-this-ruined-my-dipped-car 10:32

Can't Believe THIS RUINED My Dipped Car!!

1 week ago     24,015 Views    
installing-canards-on-the-eg-hatch 08:21

Installing Canards on the EG Hatch!

1 week ago     15,781 Views    
total-cost-of-the-budget-eg-civic-so-far 14:11

TOTAL Cost of the BUDGET EG Civic So Far!

1 week ago     16,572 Views    
eg-short-shifter-install 10:46

EG Short Shifter Install!

2 weeks ago     19,128 Views    
new-bov-for-the-eg-hatch-battle-of-the-fake-blow-off-valves 11:39

New BOV For The EG Hatch! BATTLE OF THE FAKE ...

2 weeks ago     20,479 Views    
i-quit-vlogging-not-clickbait 06:37

I Quit Vlogging. (Not ClickBait)

4 weeks ago     21,712 Views    
making-custom-headlights-for-the-subaru 10:59

Making CUSTOM Headlights For The Subaru!!

1 month ago     15,580 Views    
girlfriend-learns-stick-in-the-boosted-civic 14:55

Girlfriend Learns STICK In The BOOSTED CIVIC!

1 month ago     17,032 Views    
after-avoiding-this-for-months-it-s-time 13:14

After Avoiding THIS For Months, It's Time!

1 month ago     25,189 Views    
first-interior-mod-shakedown-for-project-rally 11:55

FIRST INTERIOR MOD + Shakedown For Project Ra...

1 month ago     30,027 Views    
this-one-thing-fixed-all-my-cars-problems 11:54

This ONE Thing Fixed ALL My Cars Problems!!

1 month ago     671 Views    
a-swift-kick-to-the-nuts 11:29

A Swift Kick To The Nuts!

1 month ago     587 Views    
project-rally-is-alive 12:51


1 month ago     50 Views    
eg-couldn-t-wait-any-longer 12:28

EG Couldn't Wait Any Longer!

1 month ago     24,120 Views    
motor-is-in-the-subaru-hopefully-it-works 12:32

Motor Is In The Subaru & Hopefully it Works...

1 month ago     26,890 Views    
close-call-emerson-saves-project-rally-progress 15:07

CLOSE CALL! Emerson Saves Project Rally Progr...

1 month ago     593 Views    
project-rally-officially-begins 17:12

Project Rally Officially Begins!

1 month ago     50 Views    
major-issue-already-for-project-rally 17:59

MAJOR ISSUE Already for Project Rally...

1 month ago     24,894 Views    


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