Cleetus McFarland

the-auction-corvette-goes-back-on-the-dyno-will-the-new-junkyard-engine-hold 17:30

The Auction Corvette Goes Back on the Dyno......

8 hours ago     311,582 Views    
the-auction-corvette-is-reborn-w-her-new-junkyard-truck-engine 28:48

The Auction Corvette is REBORN w/Her "NEW" Ju...

2 days ago     283,700 Views    
taking-our-nascar-drag-racing-round-2-shakedown-testing-was-rippin 16:17

Taking Our NASCAR Drag Racing Round #2... Sha...

4 days ago     151,131 Views    
dingleberry-honing-the-auction-corvette-s-new-junkyard-truck-engine-mcfarland-machining 21:37

Dingleberry Honing the Auction Corvette's "NE...

6 days ago     353,876 Views    
the-jet-camino-s-roll-cage-is-incredible-first-cleeter-test-fit 16:29

The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... F...

1 week ago     339,799 Views    
mountain-dew-sent-us-a-box-bardle-skeet-alert-this-is-not-a-drill 19:56

MOUNTAIN DEW SENT US A BOX... **Bardle Skeet ...

1 week ago     324,986 Views    
finding-the-auction-corvette-a-new-junkyard-truck-engine-super-cheap 13:49

Finding the Auction Corvette a "NEW" Junkyard...

1 week ago     265,083 Views    
neighbor-s-engine-is-tore-up-here-s-what-happened-good-bad-news 11:58

Neighbor's Engine is TORE UP... Here's What H...

2 weeks ago     244,559 Views    
taking-apart-the-auction-corvette-s-blown-engine-the-carnage-is-amazing 13:12

Taking Apart the Auction Corvette's BLOWN Eng...

2 weeks ago     349,480 Views    
yanking-out-leroy-s-1500hp-lsx-heart-compression-test-revealed-injured-eagles 24:26

Yanking Out Leroy's 1500hp LSX Heart... Compr...

3 weeks ago     131,427 Views    
cooper-got-a-new-car-hint-it-has-a-turbskie 19:13

Cooper Got a NEW Car... HINT: It Has a TURBSKIE!

3 weeks ago     268,038 Views    
the-auction-corvette-goes-drag-racing-ends-horribly-engine-explosion 23:30

The Auction Corvette Goes DRAG RACING! (Ends ...

3 weeks ago     175,344 Views    
leroy-s-new-diff-works-amazing-two-of-his-cleanest-quickest-launches-ever 13:23

Leroy's New Diff Works AMAZING... Two of His ...

4 weeks ago     352,171 Views    
the-auction-corvette-is-stupid-fast-full-spooling-on-the-first-drive 14:59

The Auction Corvette is STUPID Fast... FULL S...

4 weeks ago     254,254 Views    
the-turbo-auction-corvette-hits-the-dyno-will-the-truck-engine-survive 23:52

The TURBO Auction Corvette Hits the DYNO! Wil...

1 month ago     371,243 Views    
the-auction-corvette-comes-to-life-w-new-turbo-setup-launch-control-is-unreal 28:17

The Auction Corvette COMES TO LIFE w/New Turb...

1 month ago     165,095 Views    
introducing-firing-up-neighbor-s-new-1200-horsepower-engine-it-s-beautiful 21:16

Introducing/Firing Up Neighbor's New 1200+ Ho...

1 month ago     512,422 Views    
we-turbo-d-the-auction-corvette-in-one-day-rip-truck-engine 29:23

We Turbo'd the Auction Corvette in ONE DAY! (...

1 month ago     862,665 Views    
screw-it-we-re-turbocharging-the-auction-corvette-this-week 18:18

Screw It... We're Turbocharging the Auction C...

1 month ago     846,416 Views    
we-found-the-auction-corvette-s-previous-owner-the-story-is-insane 14:11

We Found the Auction Corvette's Previous Owne...

1 month ago     1,404,630 Views    


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