machinima-deletes-entire-channel-creators-given-zero-notice-ripmachinima 10:53

Machinima Deletes Entire Channel! Creators Gi...

10 hours ago     97,826 Views    
mortal-kombat-11-brings-sjw-tears-insane-300-collectors-edition 06:19

Mortal Kombat 11 Brings SJW Tears & INSANE $3...

1 day ago     138,651 Views    
the-price-of-wokeness-assassin-s-creed-odyssey-in-big-trouble 13:33

The Price Of Wokeness! Assassin's Creed Odyss...

2 days ago     122,068 Views    
soulja-boy-fakes-console-sales-ebegs-for-money-from-fans 10:25

Soulja Boy Fakes Console Sales & eBegs For Mo...

3 days ago     107,034 Views    
disney-steals-star-wars-fan-film-vader-monetizes-it 11:57

Disney Steals Star Wars Fan Film Vader & Mone...

4 days ago     162,774 Views    
gillette-gets-woke-anti-male-ad-fails-spectacularly 12:11

Gillette Gets WOKE! Anti-Male Ad Fails Specta...

5 days ago     140,147 Views    
fallout-76-bans-youtubers-for-exposing-glitches 11:18

Fallout 76 Bans Youtubers For Exposing Glitches!

5 days ago     155,691 Views    
soulja-boy-is-back-releases-new-souljagame-handheld 11:18

Soulja Boy Is BACK! Releases New SouljaGame H...

1 week ago     86,218 Views    
games-industry-moves-to-remove-user-reviews 12:44

Games Industry Moves To Remove User Reviews

1 week ago     186,359 Views    
bungie-leaves-activision-takes-destiny-is-blizzard-next 10:17

Bungie LEAVES Activision & Takes Destiny! Is...

1 week ago     199,086 Views    
blizzard-founder-cuts-ties-completely-mike-morhaime-bails 08:49

Blizzard Founder CUTS TIES Completely! Mike M...

1 week ago     103,794 Views    
sjw-s-get-highly-anticipated-game-the-last-night-funding-cancelled 11:04

SJW's Get Highly Anticipated Game The Last Ni...

1 week ago     99,709 Views    
blizzard-uses-lgbt-community-as-distraction-free-press 11:17

Blizzard Uses LGBT Community As Distraction &...

1 week ago     111,657 Views    
literal-fake-gamergurl-hilariously-exposes-game-journalists 12:07

Literal Fake GamerGurl Hilariously Exposes Ga...

2 weeks ago     216,759 Views    
big-trouble-for-blizzard-activision-executives-fleeing 12:35

Big Trouble For Blizzard & Activision! Execu...

2 weeks ago     130,052 Views    
ricegum-is-mad-at-me-this-video-won-t-help 11:44

Ricegum Is MAD At Me! This Video WON'T Help!

2 weeks ago     136,813 Views    
disaster-brewing-for-elder-scrolls-6-after-fallout-76-fails 10:20

Disaster Brewing For Elder Scrolls 6 After Fa...

2 weeks ago     100,771 Views    
call-of-duty-cash-ops-4-1-for-a-freaking-dot 11:47

Call Of Duty Cash Ops 4! $1 For A FREAKING DOT!

2 weeks ago     73,162 Views    
the-punisher-gets-woke-netflix-claims-another 11:10

The Punisher Gets WOKE! Netflix Claims Anoth...

2 weeks ago     51,260 Views    
soulja-boy-loses-to-nintendo-total-blow-out 06:46

Soulja Boy LOSES To Nintendo! Total Blow Out!

2 weeks ago     164,846 Views    


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