Weed 'em & Reap

taste-test-challenge-which-goat-s-milk-is-best 19:31

Taste Test Challenge: Which goat’s milk is BEST?

1 day ago     41,971 Views    
finding-a-mama-for-this-turkey-chick 18:04

Finding a mama for this turkey chick

4 days ago     36,655 Views    
which-baby-goats-will-we-keep 10:49

Which baby goats will we KEEP?

1 week ago     28,974 Views    
teaching-these-4-legged-toddlers-to-play-nice 21:53

Teaching these 4-Legged Toddlers to PLAY NICE

1 week ago     28,799 Views    
the-newest-headstrong-baby-goat-meets-the-herd 15:13

The newest HEADSTRONG baby goat meets the herd

1 week ago     36,559 Views    
when-there-s-no-other-options-you-bring-out-the-big-goat 12:36

When there's no other options...you bring out...

2 weeks ago     26,720 Views    
i-think-he-loves-her-more-than-me 20:53

I think He loves her more than Me.

2 weeks ago     34,343 Views    
the-saddest-day-for-our-baby-goats 10:10

The saddest day for our Baby Goats.

2 weeks ago     41,603 Views    
how-did-our-goat-give-birth-to-a-little-lamb 14:20

How did our GOAT give birth to a little LAMB?!

3 weeks ago     109,217 Views    
we-put-all-the-goats-together-get-ready-for-mama-drama 13:32

We put all the goats together, get ready for ...

3 weeks ago     46,971 Views    
this-will-stop-him-from-hurting-our-goats 12:38

This will STOP him from hurting our goats.

3 weeks ago     41,093 Views    
she-was-rejected-by-her-mom-will-her-new-mom-love-her 08:46

She was rejected by her mom, will her new mom...

4 weeks ago     25,310 Views    
crossing-our-fingers-she-adopts-this-baby-goat 09:03

Crossing our fingers she ADOPTS this baby goat!

1 month ago     54,485 Views    
is-this-new-mom-rejecting-her-littlest-baby-goat 09:05

Is this NEW MOM rejecting her LiTTLEST baby g...

1 month ago     76,945 Views    
i-can-t-feel-the-baby-goat-s-legs 13:47

I can't feel the Baby Goat's legs.

1 month ago     40,160 Views    
all-of-the-tilapia-fish-are-dead 12:26

ALL of the Tilapia Fish are dead.

1 month ago     67,528 Views    
countdown-to-10-baby-goat-births 13:19

COUNTDOWN to 10 Baby Goat Births!

1 month ago     45,464 Views    
our-20-best-moments-of-2018-weed-em-reap 16:25

Our 20 BEST MOMENTS of 2018 | Weed 'em & Reap

1 month ago     19,277 Views    
the-best-gift-for-our-pregnant-goats 09:49

The Best GIFT for our Pregnant Goats!

1 month ago     22,712 Views    
it-s-finally-here-and-it-s-amazing 12:54

It's Finally Here...AND IT'S AMAZING!

1 month ago     82,122 Views    


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