K'eyush The Stunt Dog

morning-routine-with-my-husky-arguing-about-wearing-a-collar-again 05:52

Morning Routine With My Husky Arguing About W...

1 day ago     54,103 Views    
my-husky-insists-he-s-human-dna-test-was-wrong 03:13

My Husky Insists He's Human! DNA Test Was Wrong!

3 days ago     84,526 Views    
telling-my-dog-he-s-adopted-he-s-shocked-plus-dna-test-results 05:03

Telling My Dog He's Adopted. He's Shocked! Pl...

1 week ago     105,018 Views    
husky-discovers-new-favourite-treats-mail-time 11:37

Husky Discovers New Favourite Treats | Mail Time

1 week ago     23,842 Views    
husky-watches-tv-and-sings-to-adverts 02:14

Husky Watches TV And Sings To Adverts

2 weeks ago     27,588 Views    
hugging-my-dog-for-too-long-subtitled 04:00

Hugging My Dog For Too Long | Subtitled!

2 weeks ago     47,833 Views    
finally-found-a-ball-my-husky-can-catch-mail-time 10:02

Finally Found A Ball My Husky Can Catch! | Ma...

2 weeks ago     34,998 Views    
husky-demands-snow-from-weather-presenter 03:30

Husky Demands SNOW From Weather Presenter!

3 weeks ago     30,810 Views    
arguing-with-my-husky-about-wearing-a-collar 04:33

Arguing With My Husky About Wearing A Collar!

4 weeks ago     34,355 Views    
husky-demands-waffles-and-takes-them-to-his-beanbag 04:46

Husky Demands Waffles And Takes Them To His B...

1 month ago     30,333 Views    
my-husky-smacks-me-on-the-head-for-my-birthday 14:19

My Husky Smacks Me On The Head For My Birthday!

1 month ago     31,237 Views    
husky-moans-about-becoming-a-lion 03:42

Husky Moans About Becoming A Lion

1 month ago     34,206 Views    
husky-chats-about-zoomies-balls-and-new-field-on-a-walk 02:42

Husky Chats About Zoomies, Balls And New Fiel...

1 month ago     27,548 Views    
39kg-husky-thinks-he-s-a-lapdog 03:40

39kg Husky Thinks He's A Lapdog!

1 month ago     33,059 Views    
husky-says-no-room-on-the-giant-beanbag 03:01

Husky Says NO ROOM On The GIANT Beanbag!

1 month ago     32,857 Views    
husky-drinks-pawsecco-and-argues-about-resolutions 04:17

Husky Drinks Pawsecco And Argues About Resolu...

1 month ago     27,298 Views    
husky-shocked-best-friend-surprises-him-for-christmas 05:04

Husky Shocked Best Friend Surprises Him For C...

2 months ago     29,332 Views    
husky-argues-over-who-broke-the-beanbag 03:36

Husky Argues Over Who Broke The Beanbag!

2 months ago     73,344 Views    
husky-destuffs-new-goose-in-under-a-minute-mail-time 08:29

Husky Destuffs New Goose In Under A Minute! |...

2 months ago     50 Views    
husky-goes-shopping-and-buys-donuts 03:49

Husky Goes Shopping And Buys Donuts!

2 months ago     245 Views    


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