Austin Evans

the-iphone-xr-is-a-failure 04:37

The iPhone XR is a Failure.

8 hours ago     218,786 Views    
this-laptop-has-almost-no-bezel 04:25

This Laptop Has (Almost) No Bezel

3 days ago     100,729 Views    
best-of-ces-2019 08:30

Best of CES 2019!

6 days ago     132,645 Views    
toyota-s-car-of-the-future 03:18

Toyota's Car of the Future

1 week ago     68,336 Views    
it-s-finally-time-for-8k 06:02

It's Finally Time for 8K

1 week ago     143,772 Views    
razer-turned-the-xbox-one-into-a-pc 05:08

Razer Turned The Xbox One Into a PC

1 week ago     153,444 Views    
rog-mothership-laptop-is-insane 05:33

ROG Mothership Laptop is Insane.

1 week ago     99,394 Views    
why-does-the-macbook-still-exist 06:13

Why Does The MacBook Still Exist?

2 weeks ago     88,826 Views    
i-bought-the-cheapest-laptops-on-amazon 07:07

I Bought the Cheapest Laptops on Amazon

2 weeks ago     85,327 Views    
my-favorite-laptops-of-2018 07:01

My Favorite Laptops of 2018!

2 weeks ago     60,985 Views    
building-the-ultimate-sleeper-gaming-pc 08:31

Building the Ultimate Sleeper Gaming PC

3 weeks ago     253,770 Views    
how-to-waste-569-97 07:14

How To Waste $569.97...

3 weeks ago     83,432 Views    
the-audi-a7-is-unbelievably-cool 04:26

The Audi A7 is Unbelievably Cool.

3 weeks ago     67,096 Views    
the-dual-screen-phone-done-right 06:09

The Dual Screen Phone Done Right

4 weeks ago     243,609 Views    
razer-s-cheap-er-gaming-keyboard 03:54

Razer’s Cheap(er) Gaming Keyboard

1 month ago     321,223 Views    
how-to-waste-1811-42 06:28

How To Waste $1811.42...

1 month ago     227,531 Views    
the-coolest-laptop-design-yet 04:30

The Coolest Laptop Design Yet...

1 month ago     373,649 Views    
this-walmart-gaming-laptop-doesn-t-suck 06:03

This Walmart Gaming Laptop Doesn't Suck...

1 month ago     744,059 Views    
can-nokia-beat-the-pocophone 05:43

Can Nokia Beat the Pocophone?

1 month ago     87,705 Views    
trying-the-cheapest-smartphones-on-amazon 08:18

Trying The Cheapest Smartphones on Amazon

1 month ago     137,569 Views    


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