broxah-claims-friendship-with-caps-but-i-hope-nemesis-smashes-caps-1v1-every-game 08:40

Broxah claims friendship with Caps but: I hop...

2 days ago     38 Views    
faker-scarra-caps-licorice-bunnyfufu-moobeat-peanut-hotline-league-live-57 1:58:40

Faker, Scarra, Caps, Licorice, BunnyFuFu, Moo...

2 days ago     120 Views    
peanut-explains-why-he-didn-t-choose-to-join-an-na-team-hotline-league-live-excerpt 10:10

Peanut explains why he didn't choose to join ...

3 days ago     45 Views    
brtt-claims-his-match-with-doublelift-will-prove-brtt-is-greater-than-doublelift 08:12

brTT claims his match with Doublelift will pr...

3 days ago     43 Views    
loco-litigates-big-roster-rumors-and-announcements-team-trade-hype-hotline-league-56 2:10:32

Loco litigates, big roster rumors and announc...

1 week ago     130 Views    
theshy-on-beating-kt-and-if-ig-can-get-revenge-against-lck-this-year-by-winning-in-korea 08:58

TheShy on beating KT and if IG can get reveng...

1 month ago     88 Views    
introducing-jeesun-korea-s-new-league-host-and-interviewer-at-worlds-2018 09:40

Introducing Jeesun - Korea's new League host ...

1 month ago     135 Views    
cloud9-history-made-western-semis-craziest-worlds-ever-hotline-league-51 2:14:00

Cloud9 history made! Western semis, craziest ...

1 month ago     89 Views    
bwipo-on-how-fnatic-expects-to-beat-cloud9 08:14

Bwipo on how Fnatic expects to beat Cloud9

1 month ago     50 Views    
caller-accurately-predicts-c9-into-semis-before-groups-started-hotline-league-excerpt 24:35

Caller accurately predicts C9 into semis befo...

1 month ago     224 Views    
rng-staff-take-travis-on-the-rng-fan-experience-at-worlds-2018 06:50

RNG staff take Travis on the RNG fan experien...

1 month ago     50 Views    
travis-gafford-worlds-coverage-update-live-hotline-league-from-twitchcon 04:14

Travis Gafford Worlds coverage update - live ...

1 month ago     122 Views    
zeyzal-on-how-cloud9-s-fate-pivoted-during-a-single-night-of-scrims 11:35

Zeyzal on how Cloud9's fate pivoted during a ...

1 month ago     47 Views    
caller-predicts-g2-to-beat-rng-in-quarterfinals-and-explains-how-hotline-league-excerpt 09:58

Caller predicts G2 to beat RNG in quarterfina...

1 month ago     165 Views    
team-liquid-liquidated-inero-ints-100-thieves-caught-groups-and-quarters-hotline-league-50 1:53:52

Team Liquid liquidated, Inero Ints, 100 Thiev...

1 month ago     50 Views    
edg-ray-says-he-will-carry-na-s-torch-if-c9-falls 12:21

EDG Ray says he will carry NA's torch if C9 f...

1 month ago     82 Views    
caps-dad-recounts-when-he-went-backstage-to-face-off-against-uzi 11:30

Caps Dad recounts when he went backstage to f...

1 month ago     50 Views    
jack-on-cloud9-s-glorious-exit-from-worlds-groups-and-how-far-they-can-go 08:58

Jack on Cloud9's glorious exit from Worlds gr...

1 month ago     129 Views    
lpl-host-candice-on-working-with-ovilee-if-china-will-win-everything-more 13:44

LPL Host Candice on working with Ovilee, if C...

1 month ago     64 Views    
100-problems-for-100-thieves-travis-stream-vlog 19:43

100 Problems for 100 Thieves - Travis Stream ...

1 month ago     53,960 Views    


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