Gavin Simon

unloading-my-1-000hp-drag-car-for-an-alignment 17:35

Unloading my 1,000hp DRAG CAR for an Alignment!

2 days ago     72,251 Views    
the-street-reaper-is-back-no-brakes-no-problem 19:46

The Street Reaper is back!! No brakes, no pro...

4 days ago     84,667 Views    
37-days-later-and-i-m-screwed-what-should-i-do 18:48

37 days later... and I'm screwed. What should...

1 week ago     39,164 Views    
triple-pump-fuel-system-install-day-1-installing-the-pumps 17:16

Triple Pump Fuel System Install Day 1: Instal...

1 week ago     41,681 Views    
here-s-the-truth-about-why-i-haven-t-been-uploading 21:24

Here's the truth about why I haven't been upl...

2 weeks ago     81,397 Views    
the-best-way-to-use-nitrous-lines 14:10

The BEST way to use NITROUS LINES!

2 weeks ago     38,972 Views    
i-got-an-insane-fuel-system-ready-for-huge-power 16:33

I got an INSANE fuel system ready for HUGE po...

3 weeks ago     24,810 Views    
the-final-suspension-upgrade-is-this-legal 11:45

The FINAL suspension upgrade! IS THIS LEGAL?!

3 weeks ago     43,408 Views    
here-s-why-my-new-toolbox-was-10-000 10:10

Here's why my new Toolbox was $10,000!

4 weeks ago     92,054 Views    
giving-away-a-free-duramax-intake-loll 17:46

Giving away a FREE Duramax........ intake lolL.

1 month ago     47,151 Views    
how-does-this-work-with-a-stock-console-watch-learn 14:28

How does THIS work with a stock console? WATC...

1 month ago     67,206 Views    
making-my-1-000hp-drag-mustang-a-drift-car-hydro-brake-install 20:54

Making my 1,000hp Drag Mustang a DRIFT CAR!! ...

1 month ago     135,976 Views    
how-many-eggs-does-it-take-to-kill-an-engine 14:31

How many EGGS does it take to kill an engine?!

1 month ago     118,698 Views    
nashville-pd-called-after-my-last-meet 14:35

Nashville PD called after my last meet..

1 month ago     2,317 Views    
bmr-wants-to-see-my-car-fly-but-will-it-wheelie 24:59

BMR wants to see my car FLY! (BUT WILL IT WHE...

1 month ago     296 Views    
the-race-truck-is-getting-real-1-000hp-transmission 12:51


1 month ago     116,022 Views    
here-s-why-i-drove-9-hours-for-an-engine 12:10

Here's why I drove 9 hours for AN ENGINE!!

1 month ago     169,134 Views    
yup-so-this-happened 24:54

Yup.. so this happened.

1 month ago     49,960 Views    
domthe300ccgrom-is-finally-a-complete-bike-plus-more-allison-mods 22:53

Domthe300ccGrom is finally a COMPLETE BIKE! (...

1 month ago     1,170 Views    
cops-let-me-go-after-my-car-caught-fire-burnt-to-the-ground 25:16

Cops let me go after my car CAUGHT FIRE & BUR...

1 month ago     80,787 Views    


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