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did-the-fbi-follow-the-protocol-to-obtain-fisa-warrant 03:21

Did The FBI Follow The Protocol To Obtain FIS...

3 days ago     83 Views    
mayor-of-town-flooded-with-illegals-just-declared-a-crisis-trump-has-perfect-response 06:31

Mayor Of Town Flooded With Illegals Just Decl...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
illegal-invader-collides-with-major-karma-after-leaving-church-should-ve-listened 04:04

Illegal Invader Collides With Major Karma Aft...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
after-caravan-surges-at-border-trump-slams-the-door-on-them 02:20

After Caravan Surges At Border, Trump Slams T...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
migrants-were-warned-and-didn-t-listen-now-they-re-getting-lethal-force 03:14

Migrants Were Warned And Didn’t Listen – Now ...

2 weeks ago     209 Views    
chuck-schumer-scandal-erupts-his-closet-of-skeletons-falls-out 02:42

Chuck Schumer Scandal Erupts – His Closet Of ...

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
judicial-watch-makes-their-case-for-why-maxine-is-unfit-to-head-financial-services-committee 02:47

Judicial Watch Makes Their Case For Why Maxin...

2 weeks ago     56 Views    
mexican-ambassador-to-u-s-warns-there-are-people-that-have-criminal-records-in-migrant-caravan 01:53

Mexican Ambassador to U.S. Warns: ‘There are ...

2 weeks ago     15 Views    
sarah-sanders-responds-to-cnn-president-you-chose-to-attack-and-divide 02:10

Sarah Sanders responds to CNN president: 'You...

1 month ago     146 Views    
nbc-news-reportedly-fires-megyn-kelly-over-faux-outrage-concerning-halloween-makeup 02:19

NBC News Reportedly Fires Megyn Kelly Over Fa...

1 month ago     102 Views    
the-trumps-react-to-the-despicable-attempted-attacks-on-the-clinton-s-obama-s-others 04:48

The Trumps React To The ‘Despicable’ Attempte...

1 month ago     107 Views    
kyrsten-sinema-stay-at-home-moms-leech-off-their-husbands 03:05

Kyrsten Sinema: Stay-At-Home Moms 'Leech Off ...

1 month ago     49 Views    
nikki-haley-jokes-about-elizabeth-warren-s-dna-test-at-al-smith-dinner-you-wanted-an-indian-woman 04:04

Nikki Haley jokes about Elizabeth Warren's DN...

1 month ago     54 Views    
elizabeth-warren-s-dna-test-shows-she-isn-t-native-american-makes-her-the-butt-of-jokes-once-again 01:29

Elizabeth Warren's DNA test shows she isn't N...

1 month ago     51 Views    
hillary-sez-dems-will-be-civil-once-they-have-their-power-back 04:58

Hillary Sez Dems Will Be Civil Once They Have...

2 months ago     50 Views    
democrats-overplayed-their-hand-on-brett-kavanaugh 03:01

Democrats Overplayed Their Hand On Brett Kava...

2 months ago     55 Views    
superstar-taylor-swift-goes-political-and-just-destroyed-her-career 05:39

Superstar Taylor Swift Goes Political And Jus...

2 months ago     186 Views    
stormy-daniels-i-regret-body-shaming-trump-with-mario-reference 01:57

Stormy Daniels I regret 'body shaming' Trump ...

2 months ago     98 Views    
president-trump-alaska-will-never-forgive-lisa-murkowski-for-opposing-brett-kavanaugh 01:49

President Trump: Alaska 'Will Never Forgive' ...

2 months ago     131 Views    
president-trump-alleges-that-anti-kavanaugh-protesters-are-paid-professionals 01:51

President Trump alleges that anti-Kavanaugh p...

2 months ago     132 Views    


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