Chris Klemens

telling-each-other-what-to-say-to-strangers-carly-and-erin 10:30

Telling Each Other What to Say to Strangers: ...

1 week ago     45,376 Views    
i-spent-100-81-at-goodwill-and-tried-it-all-on 14:00

I Spent $100.81 at Goodwill and Tried It All On

1 week ago     89,143 Views    
drunk-vs-high-kylie-jenner-makeup-look 17:18

Drunk vs. High: Kylie Jenner Makeup Look

1 month ago     463 Views    
asking-hypebeasts-about-brands-that-don-t-exist 08:14

Asking Hypebeasts About Brands That Don’t Exist

1 month ago     2 Views    
facing-my-biggest-fears-roulette 11:22

Facing My Biggest Fears Roulette

1 month ago     48 Views    
my-10-000-calorie-birthday-mukbang 13:05

My 10,000 Calorie Birthday Mukbang

2 months ago     96,096 Views    
following-jenna-marbles-follow-a-bob-ross-tutorial 11:24

Following Jenna Marbles Follow a Bob Ross Tut...

2 months ago     105,968 Views    
strangers-in-nyc-ask-me-anything 10:09

Strangers in NYC Ask Me Anything...

2 months ago     1,345 Views    
watching-tik-tok-for-the-first-time 09:58

Watching Tik Tok for the First Time...

2 months ago     845 Views    
talking-with-strangers-using-cringy-noah-centineo-tweets 07:22

Talking with Strangers Using Cringy Noah Cent...

3 months ago     1,646 Views    
i-spent-over-100-at-goodwill-and-tried-it-all-on 11:56

I Spent Over $100 at Goodwill and Tried It Al...

3 months ago     19 Views    
strangers-watch-lele-pons-for-the-first-time 10:03

Strangers Watch Lele Pons for the First Time

3 months ago     1,822 Views    
transforming-my-head-into-the-earth 12:56

Transforming My Head Into the Earth

3 months ago     1,911 Views    
i-let-my-postmate-pick-our-food-mukbang 07:47

I Let My Postmate Pick Our Food Mukbang

4 months ago     39 Views    
dollar-store-drag-queen-transformation 13:18

Dollar Store Drag Queen Transformation

4 months ago     91,539 Views    
making-a-pair-of-850-platform-crocs 10:36

Making a Pair of $850 Platform Crocs

4 months ago     125,819 Views    
replacing-emma-chamberlain 06:54

Replacing Emma Chamberlain...

5 months ago     81,894 Views    
strangers-react-to-jeffree-star 06:21

Strangers React to Jeffree Star

5 months ago     82,135 Views    
really-awkward-prank-calls-with-andrew-lowe 09:05

Really Awkward Prank Calls (with Andrew Lowe)

5 months ago     1,024 Views    
letting-strangers-ask-me-anything 06:05

Letting Strangers Ask Me Anything

5 months ago     1,484 Views    


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