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oops-barack-obama-in-2012-agreed-with-donald-trump-here-s-the-proof 03:57

Oops! Barack Obama in 2012 Agreed With Donald...

1 week ago     6,133 Views    
if-you-drive-a-toyota-you-need-to-watch-this-report 02:45

If You Drive A Toyota You NEED To Watch This ...

1 week ago     2,728 Views    
trump-stuns-with-revelation-about-trade-with-china 04:14

Trump STUNS With Revelation About Trade With ...

1 week ago     9,608 Views    
trump-rips-the-mask-off-the-liberal-media-exposing-who-they-re-working-with-to-destroy-him 06:18

Trump RIPS THE MASK OFF The Liberal Media Exp...

1 week ago     18,293 Views    
busted-media-airs-doctored-video-of-trump-border-speech-that-made-president-look-weird 04:56

BUSTED! Media Airs Doctored Video of Trump Bo...

1 week ago     13,186 Views    
paul-ryan-exposed-what-he-did-to-devin-nunes-after-he-revealed-the-trump-coup-will-shock-you 06:21

Paul Ryan EXPOSED! What he Did To Devin Nunes...

1 week ago     27,358 Views    
trump-admin-moves-toward-shutting-down-food-stamp-loopholes 06:37

Trump Admin Moves Toward Shutting Down Food S...

1 week ago     19,595 Views    
breaking-lindsey-graham-has-had-enough-calls-on-trump-to-use-emergency-powers-to-fund-border-wall 03:45

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham HAS HAD ENOUGH! Call...

1 week ago     20,401 Views    
breaking-mitch-mcconnell-stands-for-something-blocks-dems-attempt-at-skipping-wall-funding 05:15

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Stands For Somethin...

1 week ago     14,412 Views    
breaking-jim-acosta-goes-to-border-accidentally-proves-walls-work-challenged-to-try-at-night 04:17

BREAKING: Jim Acosta Goes to Border, Accident...

1 week ago     5,811 Views    
breaking-when-a-border-city-s-local-news-anchors-expose-cnn-live-on-air-you-know-we-re-winning 04:42

BREAKING: When a Border City’s Local News Anc...

1 week ago     18,626 Views    
cnn-s-don-lemon-is-really-worried-as-chris-cuomo-makes-shocking-admission 02:56

CNN's Don Lemon Is Really WORRIED As Chris Cu...

1 week ago     10,650 Views    
oops-obama-s-border-patrol-chief-slips-with-unexpected-admission-about-trump-s-border-wall 05:19

OOPS! Obama's Border Patrol Chief SLIPS With ...

1 week ago     26,681 Views    
dems-go-hard-left-in-2020-after-kamala-harris-has-one-word-for-ocasio-cortez-s-socialist-views 06:38

Dems Go Hard Left in 2020 After Kamala Harris...

1 week ago     20,301 Views    
new-cali-governor-makes-sickening-vow-to-illegals-as-he-trashes-trump-during-his-inauguration-speech 07:26

New Cali Governor Makes SICKENING Vow to Ille...

1 week ago     10,879 Views    
breaking-even-with-gov-t-shutdown-trump-forces-irs-to-do-the-one-thing-they-hate 05:30

BREAKING: Even With Gov’t Shutdown Trump FORC...

1 week ago     1,912 Views    
breaking-libs-petrified-as-trump-moves-to-replace-justice-ginsburg-after-second-absence-in-25-years 04:53

BREAKING: Libs PETRIFIED As Trump Moves To RE...

1 week ago     2,744 Views    
breaking-trump-hold-surprise-white-house-press-briefing-demolishes-cnn-reporter 06:35


2 weeks ago     56,451 Views    
breaking-for-the-first-time-ever-justice-ginsburg-misses-a-day-on-scotus-bench 04:51

BREAKING: For The First Time Ever, Justice Gi...

2 weeks ago     4,897 Views    
breaking-hillary-clinton-just-won-t-go-away-takes-a-jab-at-likability-gauge 05:17

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton just won’t go away....

2 weeks ago     9,524 Views    


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