french-bulldog-intelligence-test 19:05

French Bulldog Intelligence Test!

1 week ago     24,006 Views    
prepping-the-car-for-a-roadtrip 25:26

Prepping The Car For A RoadTrip!

2 weeks ago     12,197 Views    
maybe-don-t-say-these-chinese-or-korean-words-in-public-vlog 22:33

Maybe Don't Say These Chinese Or Korean Words...

3 weeks ago     19,355 Views    
best-asmr-ever-done-surprising-my-mom-for-her-birthday-vlog 17:46

Best ASMR Ever Done?! + Surprising My Mom For...

4 weeks ago     25,230 Views    
tesla-model-x-color-reveal-i-was-mad-fiance-tried-to-surprise-me 10:10

Tesla Model X COLOR REVEAL... I WAS MAD? (Fia...

1 month ago     21,242 Views    
i-got-my-french-bulldogs-200-balls-for-christmas-vlogmas 21:13

I Got My French Bulldogs 200 Balls For Christ...

1 month ago     26,935 Views    
my-wildest-guests-ever-vlogmas 24:59

My Wildest Guests EVER... - VLOGMAS

2 months ago     51 Views    
we-got-a-new-tesla-model-x-vlogmas 13:35


2 months ago     22,865 Views    
we-are-not-meant-to-be-according-to-the-stars-vlogmas 33:20

We Are NOT Meant To Be According To The Stars...

2 months ago     22,067 Views    
better-to-film-asmr-vs-mukbang 24:28

Better To Film: ASMR vs. MUKBANG

2 months ago     525 Views    
what-to-do-when-your-french-bulldog-is-injured-vlog 28:37

What To Do When Your French Bulldog Is Injure...

2 months ago     330 Views    
downtown-la-airbnb-is-haunted-vlog 27:23

Downtown LA AirBnB Is HAUNTED... - VLOG

2 months ago     149 Views    
these-people-should-be-fired-vlog 27:58

These People Should Be FIREd?? - VLOG

2 months ago     20,052 Views    
fianc-isn-t-on-board-with-x-mas-fire-scandal-vlog 27:14

Fiancé Isn't On Board With X-Mas + Fire Scand...

2 months ago     25,874 Views    
bad-day-escalates-to-300-car-wash-vlog 26:54

Bad Day Escalates To $300 Car Wash... - VLOG

3 months ago     20,913 Views    
i-got-a-letter-from-jail 19:54

I Got A Letter From Jail...

3 months ago     20,424 Views    
this-drink-made-us-want-to-fight-vlog 13:35

This Drink Made Us Want To Fight... - VLOG

3 months ago     18,498 Views    
getting-into-fights-with-germans-vlog 22:48

Getting Into Fights With Germans - VLOG

3 months ago     50 Views    
my-neighbor-lied-to-the-police-vlog 20:48

My Neighbor Lied To The Police - VLOG

3 months ago     50 Views    
don-t-try-to-buy-their-love-vlog 27:04

Don't Try To Buy Their Love... - VLOG

3 months ago     50 Views    


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