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a-man-took-a-picture-of-his-wife-on-their-boat-then-he-spotted-something-floating-in-the-ocean 05:19

A Man Took A Picture Of His Wife On Their Boa...

4 days ago     31,402 Views    
this-homeless-dog-lay-injured-in-a-bush-and-when-rescuers-reached-her-she-gave-them-a-surprise 06:08

This Homeless Dog Lay Injured In A Bush, And ...

5 days ago     19,889 Views    
when-a-sheriff-took-his-squad-car-to-the-mechanic-what-was-found-in-the-wheel-well-left-them-aghast 05:42

When A Sheriff Took His Squad Car To The Mech...

1 week ago     19,102 Views    
they-found-this-terrified-stray-living-in-a-trash-pile-but-one-year-on-she-s-totally-transformed 05:43

They Found This Terrified Stray Living In A T...

1 month ago     32 Views    
the-moment-this-pit-bull-set-eyes-on-these-orphaned-ducklings-he-instantly-became-a-mother-to-them 06:07

The Moment This Pit Bull Set Eyes On These Or...

1 month ago     56 Views    
firefighters-heard-cries-from-deep-underground-and-kept-digging-as-things-got-desperate 06:12

Firefighters Heard Cries From Deep Undergroun...

1 month ago     76 Views    
after-workers-saw-someone-abandon-this-crate-they-spotted-a-tiny-head-moving-inside 06:12

After Workers Saw Someone Abandon This Crate,...

1 month ago     50 Views    
this-momma-elephant-was-frantically-trying-to-wake-up-her-baby-so-keepers-sprang-into-actionn 06:51

This Momma Elephant Was Frantically Trying To...

1 month ago     38 Views    
a-farmer-was-out-walking-when-he-stumbled-upon-the-armor-of-a-massive-ice-age-beast 07:26

A Farmer Was Out Walking When He Stumbled Upo...

1 month ago     48 Views    
this-rhino-had-been-pregnant-for-492-days-then-a-camera-captured-a-moment-that-left-people-stunned 05:55

This Rhino Had Been Pregnant For 492 Days Th...

1 month ago     58 Views    
this-12-year-old-lost-his-leg-to-cancer-but-then-he-found-a-companion-who-understands-his-struggles 05:39

This 12-Year-Old Lost His Leg To Cancer. But ...

1 month ago     23 Views    
when-a-devastating-flood-forced-this-couple-onto-a-roof-they-refused-to-say-goodbye-to-their-dogs 06:44

When A Devastating Flood Forced This Couple O...

1 month ago     48 Views    
nobody-wanted-to-help-this-paralyzed-pup-but-then-a-model-spotted-him-crawling-along-a-beach 06:36

Nobody Wanted To Help This Paralyzed Pup But...

1 month ago     51 Views    
he-reached-into-a-drain-to-rescue-a-trapped-creature-but-wait-till-you-see-what-s-behind-him 06:15

He Reached Into a Drain To Rescue a Trapped C...

1 month ago     31 Views    
this-poor-pooch-was-distraught-after-her-pups-went-missing-when-she-sees-them-again-amazing 06:28

This Poor Pooch Was Distraught After Her Pups...

2 months ago     15,704 Views    
when-this-guy-saw-a-deadly-375lb-animal-drowning-at-sea-amazingly-he-dived-in-to-try-and-save-it 06:39

When This Guy Saw A Deadly 375lb Animal Drown...

2 months ago     16,329 Views    
no-one-helped-this-poor-eagle-dangling-from-a-tree-but-what-an-army-vet-did-next-astonishing 07:08

No One Helped This Poor Eagle Dangling from a...

2 months ago     16,928 Views    
this-starving-baby-elephant-was-so-thin-that-a-rescuer-didn-t-know-if-she-d-make-it 06:17

This Starving Baby Elephant Was So Thin That ...

2 months ago     16,432 Views    
this-man-shared-a-photo-of-five-little-pups-then-somebody-realized-they-weren-t-what-they-seem 06:08

This Man Shared A Photo Of Five Little Pups ...

2 months ago     48 Views    
this-little-girl-was-raised-by-wild-animals-her-story-will-blow-your-mind 05:32

This Little Girl Was Raised By Wild Animals ...

2 months ago     46 Views    


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