my-mom-s-boyfriend-is-almost-my-age-i-am-shocked 06:52

My Mom's Boyfriend Is Almost My Age. I Am SHO...

2 days ago     1,099,072 Views    
my-pet-rat-disappeared-and-i-am-afraid-to-know-why 06:06

My Pet Rat Disappeared And I Am Afraid To Kno...

4 days ago     183,637 Views    
i-know-how-to-make-lots-of-money-when-you-are-12 04:51

I Know How To Make Lots Of Money When You Are 12

5 days ago     304,859 Views    
my-friend-nearly-killed-me-when-we-played-truth-or-dare 05:46

My Friend Nearly Killed Me When We Played Tru...

6 days ago     430,202 Views    
i-found-a-mysterious-box-in-my-backyard-and-it-changed-my-life 05:47

I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And I...

1 week ago     254,537 Views    
i-saw-a-ufo-and-my-dad-went-crazy 06:16

I Saw A UFO And My Dad Went Crazy

1 week ago     630,460 Views    
my-father-is-better-than-me-and-i-can-t-take-it-anymore 04:56

My Father Is Better Than Me And I Can't Take ...

1 week ago     127,524 Views    
i-m-addicted-to-video-games-and-can-t-control-myself 05:01

I'm Addicted To Video Games And Can't Control...

1 week ago     122,349 Views    
my-enemy-exposed-my-secret-life 05:33

My Enemy Exposed My Secret Life

1 week ago     530,077 Views    
i-lost-all-my-money-in-a-card-game 05:31

I Lost All My Money In A Card Game

1 week ago     467,271 Views    
i-revealed-my-sister-s-secret-to-the-whole-school 05:04

I Revealed My Sister's Secret To The Whole Sc...

1 week ago     2,530,055 Views    
my-first-date-was-a-fiasco-he-was-a-creep 06:24

My First Date Was A Fiasco - He Was A Creep!

2 weeks ago     379,682 Views    
i-missed-the-journey-of-my-life 06:21

I Missed The Journey Of My Life

2 weeks ago     138,811 Views    
i-want-to-marry-my-boyfriend-but-there-is-a-problem 05:14

I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A ...

2 weeks ago     157,597 Views    
i-have-a-brother-i-didn-t-know-about 06:23

I Have A Brother I Didn't Know About

2 weeks ago     234,044 Views    
my-school-play-was-an-epic-fail-when-everything-went-wrong 05:29

My School Play Was An EPIC FAIL (When EVERYTH...

2 weeks ago     298,304 Views    
i-am-obsessive-and-compulsive 05:05

I Am Obsessive And Compulsive

2 weeks ago     152,525 Views    
i-babysitted-a-monster 06:23

I Babysitted A Monster

2 weeks ago     228,515 Views    
my-dad-is-a-loser-but-he-taught-me-something 04:46

My Dad Is A Loser But He Taught Me Something

3 weeks ago     1,243,387 Views    
i-couldn-t-stop-stealing-everything-from-everyone 05:28

I Couldn't Stop Stealing Everything From Ever...

3 weeks ago     1,029,005 Views    


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