when-40-000-people-fled-this-syrian-region-one-man-remained-to-care-for-their-cats 05:30

When 40,000 People Fled This Syrian Region, O...

20 hours ago     1,267 Views    
this-elephant-was-chained-for-50-years-then-when-he-got-freed-his-reaction-broke-rescuer-s-heart 06:23

This Elephant Was Chained For 50 Years,Then W...

1 week ago     15,598 Views    
this-puppy-mill-s-victim-was-too-weak-to-even-walk-but-after-two-days-in-care-a-miracle-happened 06:01

This Puppy Mill's Victim Was Too Weak To Even...

3 weeks ago     6,468 Views    
this-woman-spotted-a-giant-alligator-on-a-golf-course-then-suddenly-realized-she-wasn-t-alone 04:49

This Woman Spotted A Giant Alligator On A Gol...

1 month ago     834 Views    
when-a-rescuer-realized-this-dog-s-skin-was-bumpy-the-vet-s-x-ray-revealed-the-disturbing-truth 04:48

When A Rescuer Realized This Dog’s Skin Was B...

1 month ago     2,113 Views    
this-woman-created-a-special-house-under-the-stairs-for-her-dog-and-it-s-genius 05:14

This Woman Created A Special House Under The ...

1 month ago     2,066 Views    
after-a-girl-heard-cries-coming-back-from-a-tiny-hole-she-spent-hours-attempting-to-save-an-animal 05:10

After A girl Heard Cries Coming back From A T...

2 months ago     63 Views    
a-man-s-service-dog-was-lost-in-the-wild-for-28-days-and-their-reunion-was-beyond-emotional 06:01

A Man’s Service Dog Was Lost In The Wild For ...

3 months ago     44 Views    
when-a-guy-was-checking-on-his-pet-ducklings-finds-the-last-thing-he-ever-expected-within-the-nest 04:42

When a Guy was Checking On His Pet Ducklings ...

4 months ago     60 Views    
desperate-husky-found-on-the-road-reveals-a-secret-that-brought-rescuers-in-tears 05:19

Desperate Husky Found On The road Reveals A S...

4 months ago     36 Views    
orphaned-ducklings-in-desperate-need-of-help-surprisingly-taken-in-by-unlikely-new-family 05:32

Orphaned Ducklings In Desperate Need Of help ...

4 months ago     34 Views    
desperate-dog-tied-to-a-tree-is-totally-helpless-till-somebody-notices-his-plight 05:33

Desperate Dog Tied To A Tree is totally Helpl...

4 months ago     27 Views    
two-men-were-fishing-in-an-irish-lake-when-they-landed-the-skull-of-an-enormous-extinct-beast 07:00

Two Men Were Fishing In An Irish Lake When Th...

4 months ago     40 Views    
when-this-guy-was-exploring-an-abandoned-school-then-he-shocked-by-a-terrific-discovery 04:29

When This Guy Was Exploring an Abandoned scho...

4 months ago     59 Views    
this-woman-found-a-mysterious-note-in-the-floorboards-and-its-contents-brought-her-to-tears 06:14

This Woman Found A Mysterious Note In The Flo...

4 months ago     43 Views    
when-this-dog-led-a-woman-to-an-abandoned-farm-she-heard-a-whimpering-from-under-the-floorboards 05:56

When This Dog Led A Woman To An Abandoned Far...

4 months ago     17 Views    
baby-deer-found-with-a-missing-leg-discovers-an-attractive-new-purpose-in-life 05:56

Baby Deer Found With A Missing Leg Discovers ...

4 months ago     56 Views    
a-woman-always-left-out-food-for-the-foxes-then-one-night-she-captured-an-unexpected-encounter 06:03

A Woman Always Left Out Food For The Foxes T...

4 months ago     40 Views    
huge-dogs-once-used-for-searching-bears-are-the-most-massive-pups-we-ve-ever-seen 04:52

Huge Dogs Once Used For searching Bears Are T...

4 months ago     38 Views    
blind-dog-afraid-to-depart-his-bed-gets-a-second-chance-thanks-to-his-unlikely-best-friend 05:30

Blind Dog Afraid to depart His Bed Gets A Sec...

4 months ago     50 Views    


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