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the-internet-in-australia 02:22

The Internet in Australia

1 week ago     355,983 Views    
if-fortnite-was-in-australia 02:25

If Fortnite was in Australia

2 weeks ago     97,940 Views    
when-your-sibling-is-sick 02:13

When your sibling is sick

2 weeks ago     50,530 Views    
if-red-dead-redemption-was-in-australia 01:48

If Red Dead Redemption was in Australia

3 weeks ago     175,135 Views    
delicious-food-combinations 02:09

Delicious Food Combinations

1 month ago     16,392 Views    
our-favourite-plants 01:43

Our Favourite Plants

2 months ago     16,936 Views    
we-found-a-new-colour 05:33

We found a new Colour

2 months ago     21,722 Views    
when-you-call-shotgun-but-someone-steals-it 01:49

When you call shotgun but someone steals it

2 months ago     22,501 Views    
how-to-match-every-girl-on-tinder 02:50

How to match every girl on Tinder

3 months ago     13,169 Views    
jaxon-for-prime-minister 02:21

Jaxon for Prime Minister

3 months ago     17,501 Views    
wearing-disguises-to-a-festival-didn-t-work 02:54

Wearing disguises to a festival - didn't work

3 months ago     17,438 Views    
when-a-girl-calls-you-a-legend 01:34

When a girl calls you a legend

4 months ago     18,778 Views    
how-to-build-a-desk 01:40

How to build a desk

4 months ago     15,853 Views    
when-the-volume-has-to-be-an-even-number 01:43

When the volume has to be an even number

4 months ago     18,237 Views    
self-raising-flour 1:13:56

Self raising flour

4 months ago     5,074 Views    
how-to-be-a-pro-soccer-player 02:36

How to be a pro Soccer player

5 months ago     18,935 Views    
how-to-break-up-with-a-girl 02:03

How to break up with a girl

5 months ago     22,276 Views    
when-someone-unplugs-your-cables 02:15

When someone unplugs your cables

5 months ago     16,053 Views    
jaxon-s-application-for-love-island 02:37

Jaxon's Application for LOVE ISLAND

6 months ago     29,259 Views    
farm-tour 02:26

Farm Tour

6 months ago     19,230 Views    


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