Kevin Ellerbe

james-comey-not-a-man-of-details 11:11

James Comey! Not a man of details!

1 month ago     87 Views    
best-video-to-expose-political-manipulation 29:01

Best video to expose political manipulation

1 month ago     132 Views    
news-of-the-day-no-putin-trade-signing-china-meeting 07:59

News of the day no Putin, trade signing, Chin...

1 month ago     50 Views    
celine-dion-new-gender-neutral-clothing-line 10:15

Celine Dion new gender neutral clothing line

1 month ago     28 Views    
the-fall-of-the-left-s-trump-slayer-champion-michael-avanetti 08:25

The fall of the left's Trump slayer & champio...

1 month ago     87 Views    
1-unlucky-guy-on-fox-comments-about-mueller 17:04

1 unlucky guy on fox comments about Mueller

1 month ago     49 Views    
obama-talks-about-identity-politics 04:52

Obama talks about identity politics!

1 month ago     116 Views    
the-lady-on-the-view-blatant-hypocrisy 06:16

The lady on the view blatant hypocrisy

1 month ago     115 Views    
kevin-s-corner-life-november-28th 2:00:51

Kevin's corner life November 28th

1 month ago     5,465 Views    
whining-juan-williams-is-back-his-thoughts-on-the-border 22:07

Whining Juan Williams is back! His thoughts o...

1 month ago     50 Views    
mother-sue-s-husband-over-raising-6-yr-old-boy-as-tg 12:13

Mother Sue's husband over raising 6 yr old bo...

1 month ago     50 Views    
white-house-press-briefing-general-motors-robert-mueller 12:32

White House press briefing, General Motors, R...

1 month ago     245 Views    
geraldo-s-feelings-on-what-s-going-on-at-the-border 25:57

Geraldo's feelings on what's going on at the ...

1 month ago     97 Views    
sounds-like-michael-moore-knows-best 13:55

Sounds like Michael Moore knows best!

1 month ago     10 Views    
had-to-channel-yoda-to-deal-with-this-nonsense 20:12

Had to channel Yoda to deal with this nonsense

1 month ago     50 Views    
things-heat-up-at-the-border-let-s-check-in 15:56

Things heat up at the border! let's check in!

1 month ago     49 Views    
the-view-response-to-trump-s-saudi-statement 07:52

The View response to trump's Saudi statement!

1 month ago     97 Views    
kevin-s-corner-thanksgiving-broadcast 1:54:21

Kevin's corner Thanksgiving broadcast

1 month ago     3,031 Views    
dan-creshawn-my-new-favorite-congressman 27:02

Dan Creshawn my new favorite congressman!

1 month ago     15,299 Views    
tucker-almost-made-cry-over-the-caravan-coverage 12:29

Tucker almost made cry over the Caravan coverage

1 month ago     39,449 Views    


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