this-baby-was-abandoned-at-birth-but-grew-up-to-learn-an-amazing-secret-about-her-identity 05:13

This Baby Was Abandoned At Birth – But Grew U...

1 week ago     86 Views    
a-tv-crew-were-filming-near-a-remote-island-when-they-came-across-an-astonishing-sight 04:57

A TV Crew Were Filming Near a Remote Island W...

2 weeks ago     111 Views    
this-guy-found-a-way-to-travel-across-the-usa-for-213-and-his-journey-is-awe-inspiring 07:01

This Guy Found A Way To Travel Across The USA...

2 weeks ago     111 Views    
11-truly-incredible-underwater-discoveries 07:57

11 Truly Incredible Underwater Discoveries

3 weeks ago     112 Views    
doctors-didn-t-expect-these-conjoined-twins-to-survive-but-mom-and-dad-opted-for-the-surgery-anyway 06:41

Doctors Didn’t Expect These Conjoined Twins T...

3 weeks ago     67 Views    
this-dude-excavated-a-giant-hole-in-his-backyard-and-what-he-did-with-it-is-awesome 05:34

This Dude Excavated a Giant Hole in His Backy...

1 month ago     108 Views    
the-deepest-well-that-man-has-ever-penetrated 07:11

The deepest well that man has ever penetrated

1 month ago     50 Views    
he-got-a-tip-about-a-hatch-hidden-in-his-yard-when-he-dug-it-up-what-lay-beneath-was-amazing 05:06

He Got a Tip About a Hatch Hidden in His Yard...

1 month ago     83 Views    
an-archaeologist-was-exploring-a-cave-in-europe-when-he-found-an-incredible-43-000-year-old-relic 03:16

An Archaeologist Was Exploring A Cave In Euro...

1 month ago     53 Views    
after-this-pregnant-ivf-blogger-was-rushed-to-the-hospital-a-truly-heartbreaking-tragedy-took-place 03:15

After This Pregnant IVF Blogger Was Rushed To...

1 month ago     57 Views    
a-shipwreck-was-found-in-an-african-diamond-mine-and-on-board-lay-a-staggering-cache-of-treasure 03:34

A Shipwreck Was Found In An African Diamond M...

1 month ago     79 Views    
when-a-brain-scan-showed-what-was-behind-her-headaches-doctors-began-an-incredible-treatment 05:19

When a Brain Scan Showed What Was Behind Her ...

2 months ago     107 Views    
marilyn-monroes-star-was-soaring-when-she-changed-ella-fitzgeralds-life-with-a-single-phone-call 11:19

Marilyn Monroes Star Was Soaring When She Cha...

2 months ago     23 Views    
tourists-were-on-a-beachin-hawaii-when-a-400-year-old-secret-was-revealed-beneath-the-sands 03:31

Tourists Were On A BeachIn Hawaii When A 400 ...

2 months ago     90 Views    
the-story-of-how-an-11-year-old-girl-became-americas-youngest-ever-black-millionaire 03:49

The Story Of How An 11 Year Old Girl Became A...

2 months ago     60 Views    
experts-have-found-the-remains-of-a-cavegirl-whose-parents-belonged-to-altogether-different-species 03:42

Experts Have Found The Remains Of A Cavegirl ...

2 months ago     78 Views    
divers-exploring-a-north-sea-shipwreck-discovered-a-nimmaculate-400-year-old-royal-treasure-trove 03:36

Divers Exploring A North Sea Shipwreck Discov...

2 months ago     20 Views    
a-man-walking-beside-a-lake-in-estonia-spotted-something-strange-but-no-one-anticipated-this 06:04

A Man Walking Beside a Lake in Estonia Spotte...

2 months ago     43 Views    
experts-have-discovered-a-dinosaur-that-redefines-the-origins-of-earth-s-largest-ever-creatures 03:34

Experts Have Discovered A Dinosaur That Redef...

2 months ago     0 Views    
the-dead-girls-from-ring-and-the-grudge-faced-off-in-a-ballpark-creepiest-thing-ever 05:24

The Dead Girls from Ring and The Grudge Faced...

2 months ago     36 Views    


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