trap-has-been-set-30-are-we-about-to-see-a-mass-draining-of-the-swamp-episode-1766b 23:09

Trap Has Been Set [30], Are We About To See A...

4 days ago     228,688 Views    
ds-digging-their-own-hole-treason-episode-1765be 33:27

[DS] Digging Their Own Hole, Treason - Episo...

5 days ago     138,036 Views    
as-predicted-right-on-schedule-next-move-will-not-be-propaganda-episode-1764b 26:29

As Predicted, Right On Schedule, Next Move Wi...

6 days ago     89,958 Views    
the-call-is-being-heard-it-started-with-this-tweet-episode-1764a 14:36

The Call Is Being Heard, It Started With This...

6 days ago     24,239 Views    
ds-just-got-played-remember-think-mirror-episode-1762b 31:02

[DS] Just Got Played, Remember Think Mirror -...

1 week ago     108,839 Views    
the-world-just-woke-up-coincidence-part-of-the-plan-episode-1761a 17:37

The World Just Woke Up, Coincidence, Part Of ...

1 week ago     99,015 Views    
ds-distraction-incoming-patriots-ready-and-waiting-episode-1760b 33:02

[DS] Distraction Incoming, Patriots Ready And...

1 week ago     105,241 Views    
structure-change-is-coming-phase-i-begins-episode-1759a 17:31

Structure Change Is Coming, Phase I Begins - ...

1 week ago     96,189 Views    
they-didn-t-see-this-coming-firewall-built-now-the-border-wall-episode-1757b 27:42

They Didn’t See This Coming, Firewall Built, ...

2 weeks ago     248,372 Views    
did-you-miss-it-trump-just-telegraphed-a-message-to-ds-anons-episode-1756b 26:41

Did You Miss It, Trump Just Telegraphed A Mes...

2 weeks ago     257,592 Views    
do-you-see-what-is-happening-if-not-you-need-to-get-prepared-episode-1756a 19:33

Do You See What Is Happening, If Not You Need...

2 weeks ago     146,283 Views    
the-1st-alarm-bell-this-will-kick-off-everything-episode-1754b 30:05

The 1st Alarm Bell, This Will Kick Off Everyt...

2 weeks ago     278,678 Views    
the-ds-army-has-been-defeated-anons-knew-it-s-all-about-to-change-episode-1745b 24:10

The [DS] Army Has Been Defeated, Anons Knew, ...

1 month ago     140,973 Views    
carpet-bomb-just-dropped-did-you-see-how-it-works-episode-1741b 25:25

Carpet Bomb Just Dropped, Did You See How It ...

1 month ago     258,651 Views    
patriots-are-in-control-the-ds-was-just-out-maneuvered-the-great-awakening-is-here-episode-1734b 24:29

Patriots Are In Control,The DS Was Just Out M...

1 month ago     35 Views    
confirmed-central-banks-project-fear-to-control-the-masses-episode-1729a 18:39

Confirmed, Central Banks Project Fear To Cont...

1 month ago     486 Views    
we-know-locked-and-loaded-all-in-place-picture-worth-many-sentences-episode-1728b 28:31

We Know, Locked And Loaded, All In Place, Pic...

1 month ago     392 Views    
trump-fed-much-bigger-problem-than-china-blames-fed-for-everything-episode-1727a 20:48

Trump: “[Fed] Much Bigger Problem Than China”...

1 month ago     675 Views    
place-holders-ready-prisons-prepped-ds-panics-and-lashes-out-fear-episode-1726b 33:14

Place Holders Ready, Prisons Prepped, [DS] Pa...

1 month ago     158,380 Views    
this-is-why-everything-needs-to-be-put-in-place-before-the-hammer-is-dropped-episode-1717b 30:59

This Is Why Everything Needs To Be Put In Pla...

2 months ago     95,994 Views    


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