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witnesses-describe-terrifying-scene-after-plane-crash-in-california-neighborhood 01:49

Witnesses describe terrifying scene after pla...

1 week ago     132 Views    
how-long-will-the-cold-snap-last 01:49

How long will the cold snap last?

2 weeks ago     506 Views    
tracking-the-polar-vortex-as-wind-chills-hit-dangerous-levels 01:30

Tracking the polar vortex as wind chills hit ...

2 weeks ago     677 Views    
footage-shows-gunmen-looking-for-victims-in-kenya-terror-attack 02:28

Footage shows gunmen looking for victims in K...

1 month ago     31,063 Views    
john-bolton-in-turkey-for-talks-on-u-s-troops-in-syria 02:04

John Bolton in Turkey for talks on U.S. troop...

1 month ago     765 Views    
suspect-charged-in-killing-of-7-year-old-girl-in-texas 02:18

Suspect charged in killing of 7-year-old girl...

1 month ago     137 Views    
hotel-faces-lawsuit-after-employees-call-police-on-black-guest 02:09

Hotel faces lawsuit after employees call poli...

1 month ago     107 Views    
girl-with-autism-forms-a-bond-with-cinderella 02:59

Girl with autism forms a bond with "Cinderella"

1 month ago     2,956 Views    
girl-with-autism-forms-a-bond-with-cinderella 02:58

Girl with autism forms a bond with "Cinderella"

1 month ago     119 Views    
12-year-old-rescued-after-being-buried-in-avalanche 01:15

12-year-old rescued after being buried in ava...

1 month ago     237 Views    
trump-threatens-to-close-u-s-mexico-border 02:16

Trump threatens to close U.S.-Mexico border

1 month ago     96 Views    
suspected-cop-killer-caught-after-manhunt 02:53

Suspected cop killer caught after manhunt

1 month ago     5,307 Views    
california-police-hunt-for-suspected-cop-killer 02:57

California police hunt for suspected cop killer

1 month ago     1,298 Views    
trump-forces-mattis-out-earlier-than-planned 03:37

Trump forces Mattis out earlier than planned

1 month ago     3,651 Views    
how-federal-agencies-are-affected-by-the-partial-shutdown 01:35

How federal agencies are affected by the part...

1 month ago     730 Views    
u-s-intends-to-support-saudi-arabia-military-interests 02:01

U.S. intends to support Saudi Arabia military...

2 months ago     1 Views    
nationwide-search-for-missing-mother-in-colorado 01:42

Nationwide search for missing mother in Colorado

2 months ago     0 Views    
major-snowstorm-buries-north-carolina-and-virginia 02:11

Major snowstorm buries North Carolina and Vir...

2 months ago     7 Views    
trump-could-face-jail-time-after-leaving-office 02:59

Trump could face jail time after leaving office

2 months ago     0 Views    
trump-accuses-former-fbi-director-james-comey-of-lying 01:39

Trump accuses former FBI Director James Comey...

2 months ago     3 Views    


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