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woman-who-married-300-year-old-ghost-pirate-says-the-relationship-is-over 03:06

Woman Who Married 300-Year-Old Ghost Pirate S...

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porch-pirate-struggles-to-fit-stolen-tv-into-car 01:05

Porch Pirate Struggles to Fit Stolen TV Into Car

1 day ago     34,119 Views    
eliza-dushku-s-role-on-bull-was-cut-short-after-she-made-accusations-report 02:18

Eliza Dushku’s Role on ‘Bull’ Was Cut Short A...

1 day ago     20,236 Views    
ohio-deputy-stops-man-who-tried-to-jump-off-overpass 01:20

Ohio Deputy Stops Man Who Tried to Jump Off O...

6 days ago     2,512 Views    
sheriff-s-sergeant-killed-by-friendly-fire-in-california-bar-shooting-officials 01:33

Sheriff's Sergeant Killed by Friendly Fire in...

6 days ago     1,930 Views    
santas-around-the-world-celebrate-giving-to-charity 01:19

Santas Around the World Celebrate Giving to C...

6 days ago     49 Views    
blind-dog-in-wheelchair-teaches-kids-about-anti-bullying 04:02

Blind Dog in Wheelchair Teaches Kids About An...

1 week ago     1,491 Views    
all-the-trends-you-needed-to-know-in-2018 03:35

All the Trends You Needed to Know in 2018

1 week ago     2,695 Views    
stranger-tries-breaking-into-home-using-doggy-door 02:00

Stranger Tries Breaking Into Home Using Doggy...

1 week ago     613 Views    
haunting-sounds-from-mars-sent-back-by-nasa-craft 01:51

Haunting Sounds From Mars Sent Back by NASA C...

1 week ago     116 Views    
teacher-who-cut-student-s-hair-while-singing-national-anthem-is-arrested 01:32

Teacher Who Cut Student’s Hair While Singing ...

1 week ago     51 Views    
daughter-of-baby-it-s-cold-outside-composer-it-s-not-a-date-rape-song 01:34

Daughter of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Composer...

1 week ago     47 Views    
man-pleads-guilty-to-killing-8-year-old-april-tinsley-30-years-after-the-crime 01:19

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing 8-Year-Old April...

1 week ago     50 Views    
what-happened-at-pearl-harbor-1940s-news-report-tells-story-of-attack 07:39

What Happened at Pearl Harbor? 1940s News Rep...

1 week ago     46 Views    
parents-cry-after-tyler-perry-pays-434-000-worth-of-walmart-layaways 01:24

Parents Cry After Tyler Perry Pays $434,000 W...

1 week ago     148 Views    
what-is-the-fire-noodle-challenge 01:21

What Is the Fire Noodle Challenge?

1 week ago     50 Views    
scuba-diving-santas-feed-a-tank-full-of-sharks-tasty-holiday-treats 01:08

Scuba-Diving Santas Feed a Tank Full of Shark...

1 week ago     565 Views    
can-wisdom-teeth-removal-lead-to-heroin-addiction 01:56

Can Wisdom Teeth Removal Lead to Heroin Addic...

1 week ago     1,227 Views    
logan-paul-video-leads-to-charges-against-owner-of-baby-tiger 01:29

Logan Paul Video Leads to Charges Against Own...

1 week ago     37,483 Views    
how-to-properly-wipe-your-iphone-so-your-personal-data-isn-t-compromised 02:01

How to Properly Wipe Your iPhone So Your Pers...

1 week ago     19,749 Views    


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