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apple-s-secret-sneak-attack 13:01

Apple's SECRET sneak attack..

5 days ago     32,841 Views    
samsung-ruined-the-galaxy-s10-plus 12:58

Samsung RUINED the Galaxy S10 Plus

1 week ago     72,098 Views    
samsung-is-definitely-doing-the-thing-we-hoped-they-wouldn-t 11:45

Samsung is DEFINITELY doing the thing we hope...

1 week ago     400 Views    
oh-samsung-what-have-you-done 08:20

Oh, Samsung - what have you done?

1 week ago     495 Views    
the-iphone-xr-is-officially-the-best-selling-iphone 10:49


1 week ago     462 Views    
okay-apple-is-in-trouble 11:49

Okay, Apple is in TROUBLE...

2 weeks ago     597 Views    
the-truth-about-the-poor-iphone-sales 12:03

The TRUTH about the POOR iPhone sales

2 weeks ago     279 Views    
the-iphone-x-is-coming-back-because-the-iphone-xs-is-failing 12:58

The iPhone X is COMING BACK, because the iPho...

2 weeks ago     31,326 Views    
the-samsung-galaxy-s10-is-this-it 10:05

The Samsung Galaxy S10 - is THIS it?

2 weeks ago     411 Views    
the-third-pixel-3-we-tried-to-tell-you-about-the-pixel-3-lite 09:18

The THIRD Pixel 3 we tried to tell you about ...

3 weeks ago     21,424 Views    
an-iphone-exploded-after-updating-to-ios-12-1 11:25

An iPhone EXPLODED after updating to iOS 12.1

3 weeks ago     29,999 Views    
alright-samsung-now-we-re-talkin 09:09

Alright, Samsung - NOW we're talkin!

3 weeks ago     22,182 Views    
okay-samsung-is-insane 07:24

Okay. Samsung is INSANE.

4 weeks ago     24,303 Views    
did-samsung-just-leak-the-galaxy-s10 07:38

Did Samsung just LEAK the Galaxy S10!?

1 month ago     27,984 Views    
why-apple-wants-to-hide-iphone-xs-iphone-xr-sales 10:43

Why Apple wants to HIDE iPhone Xs / iPhone Xr...

1 month ago     25,782 Views    
samsung-just-got-beat-at-their-own-game 07:37

Samsung just got BEAT at their own game...

1 month ago     35,554 Views    
apple-made-kids-build-the-apple-watch-with-their-little-fingers 07:09

Apple made KIDS build the APPLE WATCH with th...

1 month ago     700 Views    
why-i-left-android 14:23


1 month ago     43,554 Views    
holy-s-t-the-samsung-galaxy-s10-is-gonna-be-a-monster 08:48

Holy s%^t, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is gonna be...

1 month ago     880 Views    
samsung-caught-slowing-down-phones-just-like-apple 08:03

Samsung CAUGHT slowing down phones just like ...

1 month ago     38 Views    


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