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this-is-why-i-m-not-going-to-the-samsung-event 07:53

THIS is why I'm NOT going to the Samsung even...

4 days ago     30,080 Views    
nope-samsung-is-not-going-to-do-this-they-re-bluffing 08:12

Nope, Samsung is NOT going to do this... They...

5 days ago     35,383 Views    
samsung-is-making-the-ugliest-phone-ever 07:24

Samsung is making THE UGLIEST phone ever

1 week ago     28,394 Views    
apps-are-secretly-recording-your-screen 09:11

Apps are SECRETLY RECORDING your screen!

1 week ago     26,562 Views    
i-was-right-about-the-iphone-xr-again 07:54

I was RIGHT about the iPhone Xr (again)

1 month ago     32,942 Views    
oh-no-samsung-is-dying 08:34

OH NO! Samsung is DYING ☠️

1 month ago     26,753 Views    
iphones-are-officially-banned 04:57

iPhones are officially BANNED!

1 month ago     64,874 Views    
is-apple-actually-in-trouble-now 10:22

Is Apple ACTUALLY in trouble now?

1 month ago     64,229 Views    
iphone-5g-the-new-bezeless-notchless-iphone 04:35

iPhone 5G - the NEW bezeless, notchless iPhone?

1 month ago     33,559 Views    
apple-never-said-that-the-ipad-pro-bending-was-normal 12:28

Apple NEVER said that the iPad Pro bending wa...

1 month ago     24,605 Views    
dear-apple-you-re-full-of-s-t 09:05

Dear APPLE, you're FULL OF S#%T

1 month ago     57,522 Views    
apple-just-copied-samsung-in-the-worst-way 08:43

Apple just COPIED Samsung in THE WORST WAY.

1 month ago     33,049 Views    
here-s-apple-s-next-bad-idea 08:38

Here's Apple's next BAD idea...

2 months ago     36,895 Views    
samsung-galaxy-s10-spoilers-price-release-date-all-da-things 09:45

Samsung GALAXY S10 SPOILERS - Price, release ...

2 months ago     53,515 Views    
qualcomm-just-got-the-iphone-banned 10:37

QUALCOMM just got the iPhone BANNED

2 months ago     75,357 Views    
apple-s-secret-sneak-attack 13:01

Apple's SECRET sneak attack..

2 months ago     32,841 Views    
samsung-ruined-the-galaxy-s10-plus 12:58

Samsung RUINED the Galaxy S10 Plus

2 months ago     72,100 Views    
samsung-is-definitely-doing-the-thing-we-hoped-they-wouldn-t 11:45

Samsung is DEFINITELY doing the thing we hope...

2 months ago     400 Views    
oh-samsung-what-have-you-done 08:20

Oh, Samsung - what have you done?

2 months ago     495 Views    
the-iphone-xr-is-officially-the-best-selling-iphone 10:49


2 months ago     462 Views    


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