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has-anyone-ever-actually-tied-a-damsel-in-distress-to-a-railroad-track 08:32

Has Anyone Ever Actually Tied a Damsel in Dis...

1 day ago     34,998 Views    
what-were-those-weird-metal-things-on-the-beaches-during-the-normandy-invasion 08:02

What Were Those Weird Metal Things on the Bea...

1 day ago     152,067 Views    
what-happened-to-dead-bodies-after-big-battles-throughout-history 11:38

What Happened to Dead Bodies After Big Battle...

2 weeks ago     327,353 Views    
suicide-bombers-living-food-storage-vessels-and-more-the-amazing-ant 08:20

Suicide Bombers, Living Food Storage Vessels ...

2 weeks ago     22,236 Views    
a-giant-african-elephant-and-the-truth-about-jumbo 07:47

A Giant African Elephant and the Truth About ...

2 weeks ago     20,407 Views    
a-murder-of-crows-and-the-exploding-toad-epidemic 02:35

A Murder of Crows and the Exploding Toad Epid...

1 month ago     35,288 Views    
that-time-pepsi-accidentally-promised-hundreds-of-thousands-of-people-40-000-each 08:57

That Time Pepsi Accidentally Promised Hundred...

1 month ago     132,655 Views    
that-time-marines-dumped-millions-of-dollars-of-helicopters-into-the-ocean-to-save-one-family 12:20

That Time Marines Dumped Millions of Dollars ...

1 month ago     57,814 Views    
the-appalling-tuskegee-syphilis-experiment 09:17

The Appalling Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

1 month ago     13,697 Views    
that-time-lincoln-came-inches-from-being-assassinated-a-few-months-before-he-was-assassinated 05:45

That Time Lincoln Came Inches from Being Assa...

1 month ago     13,073 Views    
that-time-a-guy-tried-to-build-a-utopia-for-mice-and-it-all-went-to-hell 07:58

That Time a Guy Tried to Build a Utopia for M...

1 month ago     86,739 Views    
the-only-us-mainland-casualties-of-wwii 05:12

The Only US Mainland Casualties of WWII

1 month ago     23,851 Views    
the-fascinating-story-of-jim-carrey-and-jeff-daniels-salaries-on-dumb-and-dumber 02:43

The Fascinating Story of Jim Carrey and Jeff ...

1 month ago     28,875 Views    
the-badass-story-of-the-first-helicopter-pilot-to-receive-the-medal-of-honor 08:51

The Badass Story of the First Helicopter Pilo...

2 months ago     22,921 Views    
basically-your-friends-are-better-than-you-fact-quickie 01:14

Basically, Your Friends are Better Than You (...

2 months ago     33,205 Views    
the-surprisingly-poor-fresh-prince-of-bel-air 07:23

The Surprisingly Poor Fresh Prince of Bel Air

2 months ago     338 Views    
why-week-why-is-snow-white-given-snowflakes-are-clear 04:42

Why Week: Why is Snow White Given Snowflakes ...

2 months ago     3 Views    
why-do-daft-punk-dress-like-robots 06:39

Why Do Daft Punk Dress Like Robots?

2 months ago     36 Views    
why-week-why-does-yellow-mean-cowardly 04:24

Why Week: Why Does Yellow Mean Cowardly?

2 months ago     6,048 Views    
how-much-is-an-oscar-worth 07:03

How Much is an Oscar Worth?

2 months ago     10,912 Views    


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