Today I Found Out

the-surprisingly-poor-fresh-prince-of-bel-air 07:23

The Surprisingly Poor Fresh Prince of Bel Air

6 days ago     338 Views    
why-week-why-is-snow-white-given-snowflakes-are-clear 04:42

Why Week: Why is Snow White Given Snowflakes ...

1 week ago     3 Views    
why-do-daft-punk-dress-like-robots 06:39

Why Do Daft Punk Dress Like Robots?

1 week ago     35 Views    
why-week-why-does-yellow-mean-cowardly 04:24

Why Week: Why Does Yellow Mean Cowardly?

1 week ago     6,048 Views    
how-much-is-an-oscar-worth 07:03

How Much is an Oscar Worth?

1 week ago     10,912 Views    
why-week-why-do-racehorses-have-such-weird-names 06:23

Why Week: Why Do Racehorses Have Such Weird N...

1 week ago     32,915 Views    
why-does-standing-in-one-place-make-your-legs-more-sore-than-walking 04:29

Why Does Standing in One Place Make Your Legs...

1 week ago     28,698 Views    
why-week-why-do-fish-float-upside-down-when-they-die 03:39

Why Week: Why Do Fish Float Upside Down When ...

1 week ago     30,618 Views    
the-surprisingly-interesting-story-behind-strawberry-fields-forever 05:44

The Surprisingly Interesting Story Behind Str...

1 week ago     38,896 Views    
why-week-why-do-celebrities-walk-on-red-carpet-at-special-events 05:54

Why Week: Why Do Celebrities Walk on Red Carp...

1 week ago     32,054 Views    
how-we-make-and-made-color-a-collaboration-with-google-arts-and-culture 16:02

How We Make (and Made) Color - [A Collaborati...

1 week ago     22,754 Views    
why-week-why-are-special-days-called-red-letter-days 04:36

Why Week: Why are Special Days Called 'Red Le...

1 week ago     23,131 Views    
brainfood-show-the-sledgehammer 1:19:03

[BrainFood Show] The Sledgehammer

1 week ago     49 Views    
why-week-why-are-mosquitoes-more-attracted-to-some-people-than-others 08:37

Why Week: Why are Mosquitoes More Attracted t...

1 week ago     40 Views    
why-did-old-timey-boxers-all-pose-for-photos-with-the-same-silly-stance 09:27

Why Did Old Timey Boxers All Pose for Photos ...

1 week ago     17 Views    
brainfood-show-tech-history-part-3-first 1:26:06

[BrainFood Show] Tech History Part 3: First!!

2 weeks ago     0 Views    
special-an-early-end-of-year-update 08:45

Special: An (Early) End of Year Update!

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
can-you-really-legally-land-a-helicopter-in-a-fast-food-parking-lot 13:28

Can You Really Legally Land a Helicopter in a...

2 weeks ago     7,851 Views    
brainfood-show-the-truce 45:34

[BrainFood Show] The Truce

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
what-s-the-deal-with-the-bizarre-clothes-at-fashion-shows 07:04

What's the Deal with the Bizarre Clothes at F...

2 weeks ago     6,800 Views    


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