Simple History

the-electrician-who-escaped-the-desert-by-turning-his-car-into-a-motorbike 04:35

The Electrician who escaped the desert by tur...

3 days ago     127,393 Views    
fort-sumter-the-american-civil-war 03:40

Fort Sumter (The American Civil War)

6 days ago     107,798 Views    
the-history-behind-phrases-you-use-today 03:59

The History behind Phrases you use Today

1 week ago     121,196 Views    
human-garden-gnome-weird-jobs-in-history 03:55

Human Garden Gnome (Weird Jobs in History)

1 week ago     68,453 Views    
the-siege-of-leningrad-1941-44 06:33

The Siege of Leningrad (1941-44)

2 weeks ago     79,464 Views    
the-president-who-avoided-being-eaten-by-cannibals-in-wwii 05:49

The President who avoided being eaten by cann...

2 weeks ago     257,857 Views    
the-hindenburg-disaster-1937 10:34

The Hindenburg Disaster (1937)

3 weeks ago     73,116 Views    
goliath-world-war-ii-robot 04:55

Goliath (World War II Robot)

4 weeks ago     389,917 Views    
the-frontiersman-who-came-back-from-the-dead-for-revenge 06:49

The Frontiersman who came back from the dead ...

1 month ago     789,911 Views    
the-man-who-fought-a-war-without-a-weapon 15:33

The Man Who fought a War without a Weapon

1 month ago     926,621 Views    
aztec-sacrifice 05:57

Aztec Sacrifice

1 month ago     948,227 Views    
the-green-beret-who-went-on-a-one-man-rampage-to-save-his-comrades 10:27

The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage...

1 month ago     39 Views    
how-to-survive-the-wild-west-1800s 11:01

How to survive the Wild West (1800s)

1 month ago     88,051 Views    
airforce-one 04:05

Airforce One

1 month ago     28 Views    
dragons-teeth-world-war-ii-tech 02:26

Dragons Teeth (World War II Tech)

1 month ago     65,194 Views    
senegalese-tirailleurs-world-war-ii 06:15

Senegalese Tirailleurs (World War II)

1 month ago     5 Views    
the-great-missouri-train-robbery-1874 05:03

The Great Missouri Train Robbery (1874)

2 months ago     111,126 Views    
weird-laws-in-history 04:30

Weird laws in History

2 months ago     57,365 Views    
fp-45-liberator-throw-away-pistol 03:54

FP-45 Liberator (Throw away pistol)

2 months ago     188,479 Views    
spp-1-underwater-pistol-cold-war-tech 03:49

SPP-1 Underwater Pistol (Cold War Tech)

2 months ago     106,056 Views    


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