Desi Banks

when-you-pick-up-the-wrong-uber-passenger 00:58

When You Pick Up The Wrong Uber Passenger!

1 day ago     42,503 Views    
how-dudes-think-when-females-do-something-they-like 02:53

How Dudes Think When Females Do Something The...

1 week ago     787 Views    
when-you-take-your-babymama-shopping 00:59

‪ When You Take Your BabyMama Shopping!

1 week ago     178 Views    
when-your-babymama-trying-to-help-you 00:58

‪ When Your BabyMama Trying To Help You!

2 weeks ago     2,046 Views    
when-your-homeboy-girl-set-you-up 00:56

‪ When Your Homeboy Girl Set You Up!

2 weeks ago     1,764 Views    
when-you-and-your-baby-mama-trying-to-decide-where-y-all-going-for-thanksgiving 01:01

‪ When You And Your Baby Mama Trying To Decid...

3 weeks ago     627 Views    
when-your-girl-been-a-lil-too-close-to-drake 01:01

When Your Girl Been A Lil Too Close To Drake!

3 weeks ago     72,525 Views    
when-jill-scott-get-you-in-trouble-lil-johnny 01:01

When Jill Scott Get You In Trouble! (Lil Johnny)

4 weeks ago     34,240 Views    
when-your-babymama-need-her-back-scratched 00:55

‪ When Your BabyMama Need Her Back Scratched!

1 month ago     55,200 Views    
when-your-babymama-get-some-long-hair 01:01

‪ When Your BabyMama Get Some Long Hair!

1 month ago     1,277 Views    
when-your-sister-catch-your-babymama-slipping 00:53

‪ When Your Sister Catch Your BabyMama Slipping!

2 months ago     1,452 Views    
when-she-still-crazy 01:01

‪ When She Still Crazy!

2 months ago     1,661 Views    
when-your-babymama-get-new-lashes 01:01

‪ When Your BabyMama Get New Lashes!

2 months ago     1,596 Views    
when-you-think-your-bestfriend-trading-you 01:01

‪ When You Think Your BestFriend Trading You

2 months ago     813 Views    
when-you-thought-your-bestfriend-was-going-to-believe-in-you 01:00

‪ When You Thought Your BestFriend Was Going ...

2 months ago     725 Views    
when-your-baby-mama-need-you-for-her-relationship-problems 01:01

When Your Baby Mama Need You For Her Relation...

2 months ago     1,695 Views    
that-one-friend-who-dont-know-how-to-pass-the-blunt 01:01

That One Friend Who Dont Know How To Pass The...

2 months ago     968 Views    
when-you-need-a-favor-from-your-babymama 01:01

‪ When You Need A Favor From Your BabyMama!

2 months ago     41 Views    
when-you-thought-your-bestfriend-was-feeling-you 01:01

When You Thought Your BestFriend Was Feeling ...

2 months ago     923 Views    
my-desi-banks-and-candace-b-harris-5-babymama-compilations 04:59

My/Desi Banks and Candace B Harris 5 BabyMama...

2 months ago     925 Views    


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