exclusive-the-bob-lazar-interview 1:04:34

EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview

6 days ago     350,625 Views    
they-can-t-ignore-this-any-longer-big-news-uncovered 11:20

They Can't Ignore This Any Longer - BIG News ...

1 week ago     44 Views    
is-this-just-the-beginning 07:00

Is This Just The Beginning?

1 week ago     569 Views    
worldwide-mystery-event-just-happened-we-never-felt-it 04:23

WORLDWIDE Mystery "Event" Just Happened... We...

1 week ago     1,369 Views    
eerie-audio-pilots-are-seeing-things-they-can-t-explain 09:39

EERIE AUDIO: Pilots Are Seeing Things They Ca...

1 week ago     50 Views    
what-ll-really-be-found-lurking-underneath-mars 18:00

What'll REALLY Be Found Lurking Underneath Ma...

1 week ago     47 Views    
the-anomalous-moon-photo-that-started-secureteam 02:26

The Anomalous Moon Photo That STARTED Securet...

2 weeks ago     1,183 Views    
he-caught-it-silently-hiding-in-the-storm 14:10

He Caught It Silently Hiding In The Storm..

2 weeks ago     2 Views    
major-announcement-the-truth-about-bob-lazar 10:04

MAJOR Announcement - The Truth About Bob Lazar

2 weeks ago     84,322 Views    
it-shook-the-entire-island-what-changed-on-earth 13:15

"It Shook the ENTIRE Island" - WHAT Changed O...

3 weeks ago     290,378 Views    
unexpected-heat-anomaly-below-antarctica-melting-ice 03:52

"UNEXPECTED" Heat Anomaly Below Antarctica Me...

3 weeks ago     181,113 Views    
nobody-saw-it-coming-ireland-mass-sighting-continues 12:06

NOBODY Saw It Coming.. Ireland Mass Sighting ...

3 weeks ago     198,894 Views    
major-encounter-over-ireland-what-did-multiple-pilots-see 12:25

MAJOR Encounter Over Ireland - What Did Multi...

4 weeks ago     31,836 Views    
that-s-crazy-but-it-s-not-what-you-think 07:07

THAT'S CRAZY! - But It's Not What You Think..

1 month ago     139,098 Views    
giant-floating-building-above-sweden 08:27

Giant Floating "Building" Above Sweden?

1 month ago     227,531 Views    
check-the-sky-the-silent-triangles-are-back 16:11

CHECK THE SKY: The Silent Triangles Are Back

1 month ago     167,208 Views    
this-is-only-the-beginning 10:22

This Is Only The Beginning...

1 month ago     195,619 Views    
whoa-helicopters-observe-happening-above-colombia 09:26

WHOA! Helicopters Observe "Happening" Above C...

1 month ago     263,955 Views    
astronomers-something-unnatural-just-flew-past-earth 10:48

ASTRONOMERS: Something "UNNATURAL" Just Flew ...

1 month ago     205,167 Views    
fiery-event-in-middle-of-atlantic-ocean-detected 06:50

"Fiery" EVENT In MIDDLE Of Atlantic Ocean Det...

1 month ago     226,952 Views    


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