Cam and Jeff

escape-the-prison-guard-prison-escape-challenge 10:02

Escape the Prison Guard!! *PRISON ESCAPE CHAL...

3 days ago     52,640 Views    
we-built-diy-coke-mentos-cannons-gone-wrong 10:56

We Built DIY Coke + Mentos Cannons!! *GONE WR...

6 days ago     216,151 Views    
giant-slip-n-slide-jousting 10:21

GIANT Slip N' Slide Jousting!!

1 week ago     105,300 Views    
catching-mystery-items-from-30ft-tower 11:33

Catching Mystery Items from 30ft Tower!!

1 week ago     315,643 Views    
last-to-leave-the-scissor-lift-wins-1000-challenge 10:51

Last to Leave the Scissor Lift Wins $1000 - C...

1 week ago     201,350 Views    
giant-darts-from-a-30ft-scissor-lift-dont-miss 10:37

GIANT Darts from a 30ft Scissor Lift!! *DONT ...

2 weeks ago     224,993 Views    
drag-racing-with-random-objects 10:03

Drag Racing with Random Objects!!

2 weeks ago     227,777 Views    
dont-plug-into-the-wrong-electrical-cord-chili-powder-shower 12:57

DONT Plug into the Wrong Electrical Cord!! (C...

2 weeks ago     132,683 Views    
dont-slip-through-the-impossible-shapes-slip-n-slide-platform 10:04

DONT Slip through the Impossible Shapes!! (SL...

3 weeks ago     252,802 Views    
dont-get-dragged-into-the-pool 09:19

DONT Get Dragged into the Pool!!

3 weeks ago     102,815 Views    
dont-cut-the-wrong-rope-extreme-drop-test-challenge 10:02

DONT Cut the Wrong Rope!! (EXTREME DROP TEST ...

3 weeks ago     2,752,667 Views    
we-built-dangerous-diy-apocalypse-survival-weapons 12:16

We Built DANGEROUS DIY Apocalypse Survival We...

1 month ago     186,100 Views    
dont-activate-the-wrong-sewage-valve-warning-gross 10:54

DONT Activate the Wrong Sewage Valve!! *WARNI...

1 month ago     514,499 Views    
dont-open-the-wrong-mystery-present-vs-team-edge 13:44

DONT Open the Wrong Mystery Present!! vs TEAM...

1 month ago     224,697 Views    
dont-fall-off-the-balance-beam-diy-build-your-weapon 11:15

DONT Fall off the Balance Beam!! (DIY BUILD Y...

1 month ago     231,361 Views    
dont-push-the-sled-fort-down-the-wrong-snow-slope-gone-wrong 10:03

DONT Push the Sled Fort Down the Wrong Snow S...

1 month ago     465,760 Views    
dont-slip-on-the-slippery-platform-giant-slip-n-slide-challenge 10:04

DONT Slip on the Slippery Platform!! (GIANT S...

1 month ago     4 Views    
mystery-prison-escape-challenge-difficulty-very-hard 11:50

Mystery Prison Escape Challenge!! (DIFFICULTY...

1 month ago     729,162 Views    
dont-open-the-wrong-pokeball-mystery-pokemon-attacks-irl 10:49

DONT Open the Wrong Pokeball!! (MYSTERY POKEM...

1 month ago     3,004 Views    
frostbite-water-slide-we-bought-10-000-lbs-of-snow 10:53

FROSTBITE WATER SLIDE!! *We bought 10,000 lbs...

1 month ago     547,836 Views    


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