Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

hacking-an-electric-shock-pen 13:08

Hacking an Electric Shock Pen

1 day ago     302,858 Views    
this-is-what-happens-to-freeze-dried-orbeez 13:02

This is What Happens to Freeze Dried Orbeez

2 days ago     258,679 Views    
this-gadget-helps-you-speak-on-camera 15:44

This Gadget Helps You Speak on Camera

4 days ago     242,403 Views    
4-new-battery-stress-tests 10:55

4 NEW Battery Stress Tests

6 days ago     189,757 Views    
freeze-drying-fast-food-which-tastes-better 11:18

Freeze Drying Fast Food (Which Tastes Better?)

1 week ago     166,633 Views    
does-this-stain-dry-ice 13:47

Does This STAIN Dry Ice?

1 week ago     38,209 Views    
how-much-is-actually-in-a-can 10:13

How Much is Actually in a Can?

1 week ago     342,034 Views    
can-1-000-stickers-stop-a-bullet 10:02

Can 1,000 Stickers Stop a Bullet?

1 week ago     229,896 Views    
matches-do-something-unexpected-in-a-microwave 12:48

Matches Do Something Unexpected in a Microwave

1 week ago     241,359 Views    
we-didn-t-expect-this-to-happen 10:04

We Didn’t Expect This To Happen

2 weeks ago     247,730 Views    
how-to-make-the-micro-metal-foundry 14:23

How to Make The MICRO Metal Foundry

2 weeks ago     170,790 Views    
there-s-no-way-this-is-safe 10:19

There's No Way THIS Is Safe

2 weeks ago     236,305 Views    
there-s-no-way-this-works 10:03

There's No Way This Works

2 weeks ago     186,070 Views    
can-you-melt-ice-melt 10:01

Can You Melt Ice Melt?

2 weeks ago     178,889 Views    
our-real-diamond-play-button-melted-to-liquid-seriously 10:49

Our REAL Diamond Play Button Melted to Liquid...

3 weeks ago     194,474 Views    
boiling-too-much-hand-sanitizer-because-you-said-we-should 10:32

Boiling Too Much Hand Sanitizer Because You S...

3 weeks ago     183,320 Views    
so-much-work-gone-up-in-smoke 05:19

So Much Work Gone Up in Smoke

3 weeks ago     234,492 Views    
who-guessed-this-would-happen 11:20

Who Guessed This Would Happen?

3 weeks ago     215,785 Views    
10-easy-diy-projects-rewind-3 04:10

10 EASY DIY Projects | Rewind #3

3 weeks ago     44,292 Views    
purple-glue-sticks-vs-sandwich-grill 12:02

Purple Glue Sticks vs. Sandwich Grill

3 weeks ago     70,882 Views    


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