Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

we-made-super-cool-ice-cubes 11:18

We Made Super-Cool Ice Cubes

2 days ago     37 Views    
we-made-a-5-sandblaster 10:31

We Made a $5 Sandblaster

1 week ago     1,075,782 Views    
we-tried-branding-a-steak 10:13

We Tried BRANDING a Steak

1 week ago     31 Views    
duplicate-keys-like-secret-agents 11:47

Duplicate Keys like Secret Agents

1 week ago     447 Views    
it-s-real-and-it-hurt-a-lot 10:44

It's Real and it Hurt a Lot

1 week ago     5,102 Views    
you-got-to-be-gentle-with-it 15:24

You Got to Be Gentle With It

1 week ago     619 Views    
solved-making-prince-rupert-s-drops 14:49

[Solved] Making Prince Rupert's Drops

2 weeks ago     501 Views    
we-put-lego-in-a-blender-and-it-was-worth-it 12:10

We Put Lego In a Blender and it was Worth It!

2 weeks ago     36 Views    
we-made-this-out-of-a-rusty-car 11:01

We Made This Out of a Rusty Car

2 weeks ago     198,020 Views    
would-a-frozen-t-1000-smash-to-bits 10:03

Would a Frozen T-1000 Smash to Bits?

2 weeks ago     349,844 Views    
turning-coal-into-diamonds-using-peanut-butter 12:15

Turning Coal into Diamonds, using Peanut Butter

3 weeks ago     621,261 Views    
cooking-orbeez-in-a-microwave-is-not-safe 10:12

Cooking Orbeez in a Microwave is Not Safe

3 weeks ago     196,075 Views    
we-totally-broke-the-rules 11:08

We Totally Broke The Rules

3 weeks ago     48,931 Views    
we-adopted-an-a-i-robot 05:15

We Adopted an A.I. Robot

3 weeks ago     151,314 Views    
microwaving-kinetic-sand-is-odd 11:00

Microwaving Kinetic Sand is Odd

4 weeks ago     248,766 Views    
we-made-an-80mph-lego-drone 17:38

We Made an 80mph LEGO Drone

4 weeks ago     43,779 Views    
don-t-put-glowsticks-in-a-blender 10:22

Don't Put Glowsticks In a Blender!

1 month ago     261,608 Views    
all-the-rocks-in-a-vacuum-chamber 10:43

All the Rocks In A Vacuum Chamber

1 month ago     154,315 Views    
melting-metal-with-a-flashlight 10:39

Melting METAL with a Flashlight

1 month ago     283,091 Views    
we-turned-dirt-into-solid-metal 10:26

We Turned DIRT into Solid Metal!

1 month ago     198,625 Views    


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