The Young Turks

trump-s-declares-national-emergency-by-saying-there-s-no-national-emergency 11:16

Trump's Declares National Emergency By Saying...

1 day ago     108,450 Views    
anti-kaepernick-store-goes-out-of-business 11:35

Anti-Kaepernick Store Goes Out Of Business

2 days ago     136,292 Views    
epic-trump-cave-2-0 04:31

Epic Trump Cave 2.0?

3 days ago     33,978 Views    
trump-s-hilarious-brag-about-himself 07:35

Trump's Hilarious Brag About Himself

5 days ago     150,949 Views    
roger-stone-s-friends-turn-on-him 10:07

Roger Stone's Friends Turn on Him

1 week ago     60,364 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-stuns-congress 08:43

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNS Congress

1 week ago     194,952 Views    
whitaker-makes-a-fool-of-himself-for-trump 15:50

Whitaker Makes A Fool Of Himself For Trump

1 week ago     156,145 Views    
fox-news-says-fairness-shouldn-t-be-taught-in-schools 05:37

Fox News Says"Fairness" Shouldn't Be Taught I...

1 week ago     139,752 Views    
stunning-republican-criticism-of-trump-s-sotu 07:41

STUNNING Republican Criticism Of Trump's SOTU

1 week ago     48,396 Views    
bernie-sanders-2019-sotu-response-tyt-analysis 22:16

Bernie Sanders 2019 SOTU Response: TYT Analysis

1 week ago     94,307 Views    
state-of-the-union-2019-tyt-summary 09:18

State of the Union 2019: TYT Summary

1 week ago     57,562 Views    
democrats-walk-back-medicare-for-all-support 19:13

Democrats Walk Back Medicare For All Support

1 week ago     37,964 Views    
trump-voters-lose-it-over-taxes 10:20

Trump Voters LOSE IT Over Taxes

1 week ago     872,678 Views    
dave-rubin-dunks-on-himself 09:06

Dave Rubin Dunks On Himself

1 week ago     43,393 Views    
virginia-governor-backpedals-hard-on-racist-photos 15:40

Virginia Governor Backpedals HARD On Racist P...

1 week ago     30,124 Views    
fox-news-latest-asinine-conspiracy-theory 08:46

Fox News’ Latest Asinine Conspiracy Theory

2 weeks ago     75,838 Views    
proof-trump-doesn-t-can-t-read 06:15

PROOF Trump Doesn’t (Can’t) Read

2 weeks ago     163,119 Views    
tomi-lahren-gets-dunked-on 08:42

Tomi Lahren Gets Dunked On

2 weeks ago     330,763 Views    
howard-schultz-walks-back-medicare-for-all-comments 11:55

Howard Schultz Walks Back Medicare For All Co...

2 weeks ago     83,267 Views    
republican-gets-triggered-over-senator-s-boots 08:10

Republican Gets TRIGGERED Over Senator's Boots

2 weeks ago     242,366 Views    


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