why-is-everyone-switching-to-dark-mode 04:42

Why is EVERYONE Switching to DARK MODE?

19 hours ago     218,791 Views    
wtf-happened-to-game-cartridges 05:46

WTF Happened to Game Cartridges?!

3 days ago     101,619 Views    
how-samsung-took-over-tech 06:15

How Samsung TOOK OVER Tech!

1 week ago     118,570 Views    
wtf-happened-to-bitcoin 05:49

WTF Happened to BITCOIN?!

1 week ago     271,321 Views    
is-safe-mode-actually-safe 05:20

Is "Safe Mode" Actually SAFE?

2 weeks ago     114,698 Views    
making-your-wi-fi-10x-faster 05:19

Making Your Wi-Fi 10x FASTER!

2 weeks ago     183,535 Views    
why-motherboard-shopping-is-confusing 05:32

Why Motherboard Shopping is CONFUSING

3 weeks ago     89,556 Views    
rant-why-app-notifications-are-terrible 05:45

[RANT] Why App Notifications are TERRIBLE

3 weeks ago     60,203 Views    
voting-for-president-online 06:24

Voting for PRESIDENT Online?!

4 weeks ago     136,419 Views    
how-is-this-screen-not-broken 06:25

How Is This Screen NOT BROKEN?!

1 month ago     364,385 Views    
hard-drives-are-not-all-the-same 06:05

Hard Drives Are NOT All The Same

1 month ago     129,971 Views    
microsoft-is-putting-computers-in-the-ocean 05:54

Microsoft is Putting Computers in the OCEAN

1 month ago     82,271 Views    
why-the-headphone-jack-is-going-extinct 06:06

Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

1 month ago     116,183 Views    
why-virtual-reality-has-crashed 05:24

Why Virtual Reality Has CRASHED

1 month ago     85,319 Views    
getting-windows-on-the-black-market 06:05

Getting Windows on the BLACK MARKET

1 month ago     77,521 Views    
don-t-make-these-mistakes-when-building-a-pc-pt-5 07:07

DON'T Make THESE Mistakes When Building A PC ...

1 month ago     48,274 Views    
the-browser-that-took-over-the-world-and-then-died 06:32

The Browser That Took Over The World...and th...

1 month ago     76,795 Views    
why-your-phone-will-get-slower 06:07

Why Your Phone WILL Get Slower

1 month ago     65,496 Views    
why-hdmi-isn-t-always-the-answer 07:16

Why HDMI ISN'T Always The Answer

1 month ago     148,630 Views    
why-do-smartphones-have-two-cameras 05:20

Why Do Smartphones Have Two Cameras?

1 month ago     84,819 Views    


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