alt-tech-more-than-ever-join-me-on-gab-minds-and-bitchute 07:35

Alt Tech More Than Ever: Join me on Gab, Mind...

2 weeks ago     14,174 Views    
indiegogo-apparently-deplatforms-bitchute 07:59

Indiegogo Apparently Deplatforms Bitchute

2 weeks ago     28,352 Views    
jack-dorsey-confirms-for-profit-multibillion-dollar-firms-collude-to-censor-people 07:51

Jack Dorsey Confirms For-Profit Multibillion ...

1 month ago     60,189 Views    
chelsea-clinton-book-to-explore-animals-her-parents-helped-make-extinct 06:13

Chelsea Clinton Book to Explore Animals Her P...

2 months ago     19,638 Views    
chris-rock-seinfeld-louis-ck-outrage-mobs-and-the-n-word 07:40

Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Louis CK, Outrage Mobs,...

2 months ago     25,831 Views    
facebook-is-doomed-it-allowed-companies-to-read-users-private-messages 05:04

Facebook Is Doomed: It Allowed Companies to R...

2 months ago     97,035 Views    
33-333-subscribers-achieved-on-bitchute 04:43

33,333 Subscribers Achieved on Bitchute

2 months ago     20,341 Views    
clinton-foundation-under-scrutiny-as-whistleblowers-alert-congress-to-wrongdoing 05:33

Clinton Foundation Under Scrutiny as Whistleb...

2 months ago     42 Views    
new-york-considers-more-unconstitutional-gun-control 09:03

New York Considers More Unconstitutional Gun ...

2 months ago     50 Views    
more-riots-and-growing-protests-in-paris-as-the-gilets-jaunes-spread-to-other-nations 08:00

More Riots and Growing Protests in Paris as t...

2 months ago     49 Views    
i-am-now-on-subscribestar-as-a-patreon-alternative-and-you-should-be-too 08:21

I Am Now on SubscribeStar as a Patreon Altern...

2 months ago     390 Views    
mueller-may-intend-to-target-trump-but-over-cohen-and-campaign-finance-not-russia 08:28

Mueller May Intend to Target Trump, but Over ...

2 months ago     48 Views    
dnc-head-tom-perez-ridicules-the-midwest-for-its-religiosity 07:23

DNC Head Tom Perez Ridicules the Midwest for ...

2 months ago     45 Views    
ebola-spreads-to-butembo-in-major-epidemic-in-the-congo 09:14

Ebola Spreads to Butembo in Major Epidemic in...

2 months ago     46 Views    
french-cops-round-up-high-schoolers-as-protests-continue-to-grow 08:27

French Cops Round up High Schoolers as Protes...

2 months ago     564 Views    
the-occult-video-210-beware-of-spiritual-darkness 05:58

The Occult, Video 210: Beware of (Spiritual) ...

2 months ago     92 Views    
pelosi-wants-more-anti-second-amendment-legislation 08:07

Pelosi Wants More Anti-Second Amendment Legis...

2 months ago     49 Views    
youtube-rewind-thinks-will-smith-casey-neistat-and-other-corporate-figures-highlight-2018 08:54

Youtube Rewind Thinks Will Smith, Casey Neist...

2 months ago     40 Views    
i-am-dismayed-that-patreon-decided-to-ban-sargon-of-akkad-and-urge-them-to-reconsider 11:49

I am Dismayed that Patreon Decided to Ban Sar...

2 months ago     40 Views    
the-occult-video-205-is-cleanliness-close-to-godliness 06:42

The Occult, Video 205: Is Cleanliness Close t...

2 months ago     135 Views    


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