more-interesting-heavy-equipment 16:34

More Interesting Heavy Equipment!

1 day ago     34,569 Views    
brand-new-cat-320-next-gen-excavator 08:24

Brand New Cat 320 Next Gen Excavator

2 days ago     36,773 Views    
honest-cams-auctions-part-2 16:49

Honest Cams Auctions Part 2

3 days ago     15,431 Views    
honest-cams-auction-appraisals 08:47

Honest Cams Auction Appraisals

5 days ago     13,654 Views    
raising-the-road-day-2 30:21

Raising The Road Day 2

1 week ago     25,598 Views    
building-up-the-road 18:48

Building Up The Road

1 week ago     20,553 Views    
quick-driveway-and-barn-pad-install 26:19

Quick Driveway And Barn Pad Install!!

1 week ago     22,497 Views    
sloping-the-pond-dam 26:45

Sloping The Pond Dam

1 week ago     14,797 Views    
were-gonna-send-it-through-the-gate-zach 16:01

Were Gonna Send It Through The Gate Zach!

1 week ago     14,574 Views    
john-deere-vs-kubota-mini-excavator-smackdown 12:46

John Deere VS Kubota Mini Excavator Smackdown!

1 week ago     14,107 Views    
mud-thawed-time-to-strip-it 17:14

Mud Thawed, Time To Strip It

2 weeks ago     19,007 Views    
mud-froze-so-we-can-work 23:28

Mud Froze So We Can Work!

2 weeks ago     19,000 Views    
lets-haul-dirt 29:50

Lets Haul Dirt!

2 weeks ago     14,315 Views    
starting-the-pond-dam 36:21

Starting The Pond Dam

2 weeks ago     35,597 Views    
finishing-the-upper-part-of-the-pond 30:17

Finishing The Upper Part Of The Pond

2 weeks ago     25,093 Views    
kubota-kx057-4-vs-takeuchi-tb260-mini-excavator-show-down 13:02

Kubota KX057 4 VS Takeuchi TB260 Mini Excavat...

2 weeks ago     25,064 Views    
clearing-and-burning-with-justin 26:55

Clearing And Burning With Justin!!

3 weeks ago     19,485 Views    
installing-a-new-pond-overflow-system 31:24

Installing A New Pond Overflow System

3 weeks ago     11,731 Views    
new-pond-dredging-and-overflow-project 11:41

New Pond Dredging And Overflow Project

3 weeks ago     40,242 Views    
load-dirt-and-getting-the-truck-stuck 33:07

Load Dirt And Getting The Truck Stuck

3 weeks ago     24,126 Views    


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