last-day-at-the-lake-dredging 15:09

Last Day At The Lake Dredging!

2 days ago     284 Views    
one-more-day-of-dredging 10:02

One More Day Of Dredging!

3 days ago     16,974 Views    
tim-said-you-can-do-that 22:00

Tim Said You Can Do That

4 days ago     39,414 Views    
back-to-the-job-i-was-run-off-of 18:50

Back To The Job I Was Run Off Of

6 days ago     72,786 Views    
trying-the-new-mini-excavator-out 15:46

Trying The New Mini Excavator Out

1 week ago     61,031 Views    
special-delivery-new-machine 09:02

Special Delivery New Machine!

1 week ago     42 Views    
moving-the-volvo-220-excavator 11:22

Moving The Volvo 220 Excavator

1 week ago     83 Views    
i-ran-everything-today 24:31

I Ran Everything Today

1 week ago     368 Views    
big-culvert-pipe-installation 38:21

Big Culvert Pipe Installation

1 week ago     52 Views    
getting-the-motor-grader-ready-for-work 19:44

Getting The Motor Grader Ready For Work

1 week ago     13,394 Views    
flipping-a-steel-cutting-edge 16:37

Flipping A Steel Cutting Edge

2 weeks ago     50 Views    
taking-out-the-haul-road 12:25

Taking Out The Haul Road

2 weeks ago     79 Views    
backfilling-a-house-foundation 14:14

Backfilling A House Foundation

2 weeks ago     173 Views    
happy-thanksgiving-everyone 09:12

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

2 weeks ago     326 Views    
im-a-dump-truck-driver-now 15:00

Im A Dump Truck Driver Now

2 weeks ago     16,645 Views    
assembling-a-brand-new-hitachi-870-excavator 11:14

Assembling A Brand New Hitachi 870 Excavator!

3 weeks ago     26,974 Views    
replacing-a-mini-excavator-track 10:01

Replacing A Mini Excavator Track

3 weeks ago     12,507 Views    
lake-dredging-the-rain-wont-stop 19:37

Lake Dredging- The Rain Wont Stop!

3 weeks ago     12,763 Views    
new-helitilt-excavator-attachment 20:53

New HELITILT Excavator Attachment!

4 weeks ago     20,140 Views    
clearing-with-the-dozer 20:37

Clearing With The Dozer

4 weeks ago     12,094 Views    


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