why-do-this-ancient-shark-s-microscopic-teeth-look-just-like-the-spaceships-in-galaga 01:02

Why Do This Ancient Shark's Microscopic Teeth...

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woman-to-say-i-do-to-her-duvet-in-a-lush-yet-comfy-ceremony 00:51

Woman to Say 'I Do' To Her Duvet In a Lush, Y...

17 hours ago     1 Views    
u-k-police-arrest-david-schwimmer-look-alike-after-failing-to-appear-in-court 00:58

U.K. Police Arrest David Schwimmer Look-Alike...

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one-in-five-parents-feel-unprepared-for-daughter-s-first-period 01:03

One in Five Parents Feel Unprepared for Daugh...

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now-comes-alexa-the-anchorwoman-the-virtual-assistant-will-read-the-headlines-like-a-newscaster 00:55

Now Comes Alexa 'The Anchorwoman', The Virtua...

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your-opentable-points-are-now-redeemable-for-hotel-discounts 01:18

Your OpenTable Points Are Now Redeemable For ...

19 hours ago     0 Views    
how-to-make-your-binge-watch-session-even-better 01:11

How To Make Your Binge Watch Session Even Better

20 hours ago     0 Views    
watch-a-helicopter-airlift-a-brand-new-porsche-through-the-alps 00:56

Watch a Helicopter Airlift a Brand New Porsch...

20 hours ago     1 Views    
chicken-waffles-cereal-is-the-brunch-in-a-bowl-we-all-want-to-wake-up-to 01:20

Chicken & Waffles Cereal is The Brunch In a B...

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abandoned-village-of-disney-like-castles-hoping-for-magic 01:04

Abandoned Village of Disney-Like Castles Hopi...

20 hours ago     0 Views    
wildlife-in-the-river-thames-may-be-left-hyperactive-due-to-cocaine-in-the-waterway 00:54

Wildlife in the River Thames May be 'Left Hyp...

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game-of-thrones-needlework-of-the-night-king-could-haunt-your-dreams-from-your-living-room 01:06

'Game of Thrones' Needlework of the Night Kin...

21 hours ago     0 Views    
new-study-reveals-just-5-minutes-in-nature-might-be-all-you-need-to-feel-better 01:09

New Study Reveals Just 5 Minutes in Nature Mi...

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we-spend-700-hours-a-year-reading-but-wish-that-included-more-books 01:01

We Spend 700 Hours a Year Reading (But Wish T...

22 hours ago     0 Views    
travel-hacks-for-control-freaks-or-not 01:23

Travel Hacks For Control Freaks (Or Not)

22 hours ago     0 Views    
remnants-from-prince-philip-s-car-crash-listed-on-ebay 01:04

Remnants from Prince Philip's Car Crash Liste...

23 hours ago     1 Views    
yes-now-comes-a-robotic-twerking-llama-toy-named-boppi 00:47

Yes, Now Comes a Robotic Twerking Llama Toy n...

23 hours ago     0 Views    
the-trick-to-snatching-the-freshest-doughnuts 01:03

The Trick To Snatching The Freshest Doughnuts

23 hours ago     0 Views    
puppy-born-with-upside-down-paws-receives-life-changing-operation 00:58

Puppy Born With Upside Down Paws Receives Lif...

1 day ago     0 Views    
you-re-drinking-water-and-still-dehydrated-what-gives 01:01

You're Drinking Water And STILL Dehydrated. W...

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